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Adult Nighttime Diaper Set (Discontinued Style)

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This style has been discontinued and replaced with the new updated version: Cloth Pocket Diaper 2.0 Day & Night Set for Special Needs Adults

Adult Nighttime Diaper Set: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Day or Night Diaper for Women, Men and Teens

  • COMFORTABLE: Stay dry longer and rash free with customizable overnight diaper system
  • EASY: Adult diapers with tabs and snaps make it easy to remove soiled diaper for user or caregiver
  • ODOR CONTROL: Soothingly soft bamboo is naturally antibacterial and helps prevent odor in the fabric
  • ABSORBENT: Equipped with thirsty layers to contain urinary incontinence for leak proof solution
  • ECONOMICAL: Reusable cloth diapers are machine washable - replace costly disposable incontinence supplies

Ready to feel more confident and comfortable? We designed an easy to use cloth diaper system with your comfort and budget in mind!

This set includes:

- 1 Waterproof Pocket Diaper Shell;

- 1 Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Insert Pad;

- 1 Bamboo Fitted Diaper.

For day time use Waterproof Pocket Diaper Shell with Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Insert.

For night time use Fitted Diaper with Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Insert and Waterproof Pocket Diaper Shell.

Ideal solution for:

- Night bed wetting

- Urinary incontinence

- Diarrhea and bowel incontinence

- Heavy menstruation

- Postpartum bleeding

- Abdl

SIZE: Diaper size is adjustable with snap buttons; you can adjust Rise and Hip Tabs. Take a measurement just below the top of the hip bones and choose appropriate size within that range:

YOUTH: 24-38 inches (recommended age 13 years and up / X-Small size adult)

REGULAR: 27-44 inches (Small-Medium size adult)

EXTENDED: 30-51 inches (Large size adult)

Check photo with product measurements for best fit.

MATERIALS: Rayon from Bamboo / Cotton / Polyester

CARE: Knock solids into toilet. Store in the dry pail only. Machine washable. Tumble dry on low/medium heat. Maximum temperature 90F. Do not boil, bleach or use fabric softeners. Use liner with rash creams.

Designed in USA, made in China

Nighttime Diaper Set
Posted May 11th 2022 by Nicole

Love this set. Bulky when all together, but very comfortable. Daughter has a 32 waist and 40 hips. Ordered the extended size; at the tightest, the tabs have one button available in the middle. Could have done with the regular, but the extended has plenty of room as she grows.

Worth It
Posted Dec 14th 2021 by James Asengreal

Having switched my daughter to them to try, its been amazing not having to worry about ever running out. They handle amazing regardless of how much running around in the middle of the night goes on. Being able to easily adjust how absorbent they are is nothing short of astonishing. I had my doubts as an overnight diaper, but it has exceeded my expectations by far. Worth every penny and would highly recommend!!!

Adult Nighttime Diaper Set
Posted Dec 10th 2021 by Taylor

These diapers are perfect for nighttime! I experience urinary incontinence only, and I’m 28, 5’8” and weigh about 135 pounds and I wear the regular size. The fitted diaper is very soft and comfortable and works well with the snap in insert. I wear it on the highest rise setting. This layer feels great against my skin and I don’t experience any rashes or chafing and I barely notice when I’ve wet during the night because it wicks moisture so well. This layer is most similar to the old style pin on diapers except the snaps are much more convenient, however it’s not waterproof and like the old style flats/contour diapers you need to wear a waterproof outer layer over them. It’s also very absorbent and it shines during nighttime use. The pocket diaper is the final layer in this set, and it works wonderfully with the bamboo fitted diaper. I wear the rise snaps un-snapped and due to the convenient hip tabs I’m able to wear it at a larger waist size to accommodate the bulk of the bamboo diaper and insert. It works extra well as a diaper cover due to the bamboo lining of the pocket diaper as it collects any moisture that comes out of the bamboo fitted diaper, and the PUL outer layer of the pocket diaper shell works great at keeping my bedding dry. I do notice some wicking of moisture in the leg cuffs if I’m sleeping on my side sometimes, but nothing major like the damage of trying to sleep in a cheap disposable pull-up style diaper would cause (speaking from experience). I use this set exclusively during the nights and I’ve saved a great deal of money using cloth diapers instead of buying premium disposables to handle my nighttime settings. Lastly, my favorite thing about these diapers are the number of available prints. They just feel less clinical and are more fun than having only a choice between white, blush, navy, etc. I only wish there were some with kitties or corgis on them ^~^ All in all these diapers are great and I recommend them to anyone interspersed in adult cloth diapers.

Great adult diaper
Posted Jun 28th 2021 by Ryan

I'm blown away at how first off comfortable these are very soft and light. Second how good the absorbency is almost could not tell I was wet when I woke up. Had to double check. Will be ordering more.

Adult Pocket Diapers
Posted Jun 1st 2021 by John

Very good product for daytime use. The fabric is soft, breathable, and silent. With the bamboo liner, it is very absorbent. With the proper selection of liners, it can probably serve any level of absorption needed.

Posted May 15th 2021 by Maya

Extremely absorbent, doesn't feel damp against my skin, doesn't leak from side sleeping, AND good for the environment! Ecoable has won me over!

Everything they advertise
Posted Mar 25th 2021 by Kyle

Dependable for overnight use and have had no issues. Will be ordering again, no question.

A cloth diaper I can finally like
Posted Mar 2nd 2021 by Anthony H

Most cloth diapers I have tried in the past weren’t comfortable, and weren’t very form fitting. While I only need them for night time use, having something that wasn’t being held up by a loose water proof cover was a requirement. The fact that the interior and exterior are super soft is also a huge improvement over old versions of cloth. To have something that rivals the fit and comfort of disposables is wonderful My only complaint is the extra buttons on the front for adjusting the rise length; I highly doubt there are anyone out there “needing” such a low rise AND such a large waist. The lowest buttons could be a problem if I walked a lot in this diaper.... The above complaint did not stop me from buying another diaper! Adult Nighttime diaper set: blue H: 5’11” W: 192 lb Waist size: 37” Rise: unsnapped Waist: four Unsnapped buttons showing

Nice Product
Posted Dec 20th 2020 by Derek

I have moderate UI and I switching to cloth for environmental reasons. This product is very good. So far I have had no issues and it works very well even overnight.

Posted Apr 29th 2020 by Dean

Never been a fan of cloth diapers until...I found the Ecoable adult night time set. I am absolutely in love with these diapers. The fit of the bamboo fitted diaper far exceeds the fit of any prefold diaper or insert for pocket diapers. The snap in insert fits perfect inside the fitted diaper and keeps from bunching up. The diaper cover is super comfortable and fits over the fitted diaper very well and also has the option to be a pocket diaper as well although I have not needed to use this feature. The secure feeling and absorbency of this diaper keeps me comfortable and leak free all night. If any downfalls i would have to say i wish they had more colors or designs for the diaper cover and snaps or something to hold the front of the inserts in place like the back of the inserts have. Overall a great diaper set and looking forward to ordering more to replace the need for disposables at all.

Nighttime diaper
Posted Nov 6th 2019 by William

Very good product. Will be buying more. Got a regular worked well. Went up to next size. Perfect. Works for me!! Thanks ecoable!!

Adult Nighttime Diaper Set
Posted Nov 3rd 2019 by Michel

Very good product, pretty well cut and very comfortable. The various absorption layers are very effective: protection must be very wet before you feel discomfort. On the other hand the waterproof brief is a little short (I took the size Extended so I could not take bigger), suddenly it has trouble covering the fitted diaper. Bad surprise too: the extra costs for France. $36 for shipping (OK) plus $21 for customs fee (this is the first time I have to pay a customs fee for such a purchase) ! It hurts the wallet... In summary a very good product but a very bad value for money while import it.

Absolutely perfect in every way!
Posted Sep 7th 2019 by Scott King

I am so thrilled with this new product that it left me speechless. Fits perfectly to my body, incredibly soft and comfy, amazing absorbency, the rise is high to provide more security, tall leak guards. I feel so comfortable and secure in them. This is truly above and beyond. So perfect in every way. Thanks Ecoable!

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EcoAble - Adult Nighttime Diaper Set: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Day or Night Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Nighttime Diaper Set: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Day or Night Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Nighttime Diaper Set: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Day or Night Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Nighttime Diaper Set: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Day or Night Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids