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This style has been discontinued and replaced with the new updated version: Pocket Cloth Diaper 2.0 with Snap-in Insert - for Special Needs Adults

Adult Cloth Diaper with Tabs: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Briefs with Insert for Women, Men and Teens

  • COMFORTABLE: Stay dry longer and rash free with breathable pocket cloth diaper and booster pad
  • EASY: Adult diapers with tabs and snaps make it easy to remove soiled diaper for user or caregiver
  • ODOR CONTROL: Soothingly soft bamboo is naturally antibacterial and helps prevent odor in the fabric
  • WATERPROOF: Equipped with silky waterproof layer on the outside - no crinkly sounds with movement
  • ECONOMICAL: Reusable cloth diapers are machine washable - replace costly disposable incontinence supplies

Ready to feel more confident and comfortable? We designed an easy to use cloth diaper system with your comfort and budget in mind!

Pocket cloth diaper shell is equipped with built-in thin bamboo booster to absorb small leaks and dribbles. Provides superior leak protection when used together with included Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Insert Pad.

This set includes:

- 1 Waterproof Pocket Diaper Shell;

- 1 Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Insert Pad.

Ideal solution for:

- Night bed wetting

- Urinary incontinence

- Diarrhea and bowel incontinence

- Heavy menstruation

- Postpartum bleeding

- Abdl

SIZE: Diaper size is adjustable with snap buttons; you can adjust Rise and Hip Tabs. Take a measurement just below the top of the hip bones and choose appropriate size within that range:

YOUTH: 22 to 35 inches (recommended age 13 years and up / X-Small size adult)

REGULAR: 26 to 42 inches (Small-Medium size adult)

EXTENDED: 30 to 46 inches (Large size adult)

Check photo with product measurements for best fit.

MATERIALS: PUL / Rayon from Bamboo / Polyester

CARE: Knock solids into toilet. Store in the dry pail only. Machine washable. Tumble dry on low/medium heat. Maximum temperature 90F. Do not boil, bleach or use fabric softeners. Use liner with rash creams.

Designed in USA, made in China

7 Reviews

  • 5
    Life saver!!

    Published by Eileen on Jul 28th 2021

    These diapers are amazing. My 9 year old still wets the bed pretty frequently. Not exactly sure why, as there’s no diagnosed medical problem or anything. Anyway, we were just washing the sheets and his undies and jammies a LOT. Then we finally figured we needed to do something else, so we were using disposables for the last year. They were giving him a rash and also leaked sometimes, even on nights he didn’t pee a ton. I cloth diapered him as a baby, so I decided to look into them again. I had a bit of a hard time finding some in his size. Then I found these! Was a little nervous since there’s no returns, and he used to soak through diapers every night as a baby and toddler. Well, these are incredible. The materials used are high quality and very absorbent. We’ve been using for about a week, and he’s peed in them a few times. Last night was particularly wet, but his jammies and bed stayed completely dry!! All of the pee was contained in the diaper. The top layer that his skin touches even felt dry to the touch, so he was able to sleep soundly. That part is really important to me. A lot of the bigger cloth diapers I researched were advertised as “potty training” and said kids would feel wetness, in hopes that they would wake up and go to the bathroom. My son has no issues with using the bathroom when he’s awake, it’s just a nighttime issue. It’s not something he needs to be trained out of. Anyway, I am thrilled I found these and just ordered a few more! Shipping is very quick, and customer service is great too. Thank you!!

  • 4
    Adult Pocket Diapers

    Published by John S. on Jul 1st 2021

    This is a very comfortable garment, and very effective as a daytime incontinence brief. The uber-soft cloth lining is amazing in it's ability to keep me feeling dry as it absorbs liquid. I'm a 6'-2" 230 lb male, and having the ability to adjust the size is very useful. I use the "extended" size with one tuck in the rise adjustment and five (out of twelve) columns of front snaps visible, and I use the snap-in insert. That gets me a snug fit which is very comfortable and allows me to go through the entire day without thinking about my protection against wetness. I put on a clean one in the morning and it will be comfortable all day. With the insert, there is more than enough absorption, and it keeps me feeling dry all the way through the day. Finally! Protection that's comfortable, silent, invisible and goes all day without drama. My old style briefs kept me feeling wet all day, leaked regularly and felt clumsy. The disposables were awful - they chafed, itched and made me feel like a freak. The only criticism I have and the reason I'm only giving four start is that it will leak overnight if I sleep on my side. This is very (VERY) good daytime protection but not up to overnight.

  • 5
    Pocket Diaper Regular size

    Published by Sean on Jan 13th 2021

    Perfect fit and doesn't leak. Soft fabric is comfortable all night.

  • 5
    There is no other!

    Published by Sarah Patenaude on Sep 21st 2020

    We have a special needs son of 15. Of course he is long and lanky, very small in the waist yet the height of an average 10-12 year old and every other “teen” diaper was floating in the waist, the rise was too high and it was just never going to hold in a thing. We are dependent on diapers and we all know they aren’t cheap. Enter Ecoable. Wow! These diapers are fantastic in every single area. They fit perfectly(The youth size), almost unbelievable after all the other failures. They are incredibly soft, think rub on your face comfortable; really! They have lasted and look like they did the day we purchased them over a year ago. Incredibly well made, my favorite is the elastic casing, they are so nicely done. It’s literally a joy to diaper my son. These diapers also don’t hold in smell like other cloth diapers have in the past for my infants. They’re fun. The company on the rare occasion when I needed help, was actually helpful. It was a victory for our family. We have saved over $2,000 this year by not buying disposable adult diapers, which he literally goes through in one deposit for even the good diapers on the market. There is only one thing that could make these better; a hip snap. But even without it, these diapers just last. No more worry about puddles in the floor.

  • 5
    Another great product

    Published by Jared on Aug 13th 2020

    Another great product from Ecoable. We have a few of the covers already and these pocket style diapers seem to work just as well if not better.

  • 5
    Excellent! Stayed dry and didn’t leak

    Published by AJ on Jul 25th 2020

    Did a great job not leaking and is very comfortable

  • 4
    Surprisingly dry and absorbent

    Published by Jon on Jul 8th 2020

    The diaper is well made and the material is very soft. I had doubts about the dryness and absorbency of the charcoal bamboo inserts and fleece, but these far exceeded expectations. Mind Blown! It really does leave the skin feeling mostly dry & comfortable -- more so than many disposables out there. The only con is that the leg cuffs can wick moisture to the outside in certain positions. I tend to sleep on my back and roll to my side in the morning when my back hurts. I've had some minor leakage problems. It's very little moisture, but a leak all the same. The pocket diaper with charcoal bamboo insert may not be enough for you if you sleep on your side; or tend to roll like I do. They recommend the fitted diaper insert in this situation, and I hope to give it a try soon.

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