All-In-One Cloth Diaper & Charcoal Bamboo Insert (Forest)

  • EASY: All-In-One (AIO) cloth diapers are as easy as disposable diapers. Just snap on baby and go! Perfect for day care and busy families

  • COMFORTABLE: Lined with stain resistant charcoal bamboo fleece. Extra soft bamboo material keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable

  • DAY & NIGHT: Customize absorbency for your 'super wetter' or for over-night use with included 5-layer Charcoal Bamboo Insert

  • ADJUSTABLE: Trim design with snap buttons to adjust rise to Small, Medium or Large size. Waist tab snaps provide a snug fit for small waists. Fits babies from 10Lbs to 35Lbs

  • SAFE: EcoAble Cloth Diapers are tested and certified in compliance with the US CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) rules and regulations

Breathable waterproof on the outside, no additional covers needed.

Lined inside with stain resistant charcoal bamboo fleece, allows the moisture to go through but maintains dry feeling next to baby's skin. Bamboo material helps to keep baby's delicate skin rash free.

Extra gussets around legs, no more blowouts!

Unlike pocket cloth diapers, stuffing with inserts is not required. With All-In-One design absorbent soaker already sewn-in. This makes AIO diaper daddy and daycare friendly cloth diapering option.

Pocket opening for additional soakers, in case you need to increase absorbency, 1 EcoAble Charcoal Bamboo Insert is included. Also compatible with Hemp/Cotton Diaper Inserts (sold separately).

Grows with your child: adjust size with snap buttons for a perfect fit every time. Recommended for babies & toddlers from aprox. 10-35 Lbs.

Cloth diapers are eco-friendly non wasteful option for families who care about environment. Cloth diapers are healthy choice for your child.

Cloth diapers are economical choice - reuse and save money!

Charcoal Bamboo All-in-one (AIO) Cloth Diaper

Outside: 100% PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) /Inside: 100% Rayon from bamboo charcoal /Sewn-in Soaker: 50% Rayon from Bamboo, 50% Microfiber

EcoAble cloth diapers are ready for use just after initial wash with detergent. Because of the natural oils in the fabric, it's recommended to wash cloth diapers multiple times before reaching maximum absorbency.

Never boil EcoAble cloth diapers and inserts! Avoid washing in very hot water and line drying outside on a very hot day.

Knock solids into toilet. Store in dry pail only.

Launder: 1 short cycle warm or cool water wash without or very little detergent. 1 long/heavy duty hot water wash with detergent. 1 additional rinse cycle. Tumble dry low or line dry.

Water temperature: 95F. No bleach. No softeners. Do not boil. Use liner with rash creams.

Designed in USA, made in China

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Height 8.00
Width 8.00
Depth 1.00
All-In-One Cloth Diaper & Charcoal Bamboo Insert (Forest)