Bamboo Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size

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Fitted Cloth Diaper: Overnight Diaper with 2 Cotton Bamboo Inserts, One Size with Snap Buttons

  • ABSORBENT: Bamboo cotton fitted cloth diaper is a leak free nighttime solution so baby, and you can get a good night's rest
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, it’s ideal diaper for babies with a tendency towards diaper rashes
  • COMFORTABLE: Adjustable size with snap buttons and gentle elastics for perfect fit every time while your baby grows
  • VERSATILE: Removable snap-in bamboo insert soakers to customize absorbency – great cloth diaper for heavy wetter babies who sleep through the night
  • REQUIREMENTS: Requires a waterproof wool diaper cover or PUL cover (sold separately)

Fitted cloth diapers are wonderful overnight solution for heavy wetter baby. This one size adjustable diaper is packed with super thirsty layers of bamboo cotton material, so you wake up to dry sheets every morning.

Each fitted includes soft shell with 2 snap-in bamboo diaper inserts. This is perfect diaper set to keep your baby leak-free for up to 10 hours.

IMPORTANT: Fitted cloth diapers require a waterproof cover. Compatible with EcoAble wool covers and EcoAble PUL covers.

SIZE: Fits babies from 10 to 30 pounds, size recommendation is approximate and may vary.

MATERIALS: 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton

PREPPING: Fitted cloth diapers can be used after initial wash with detergent. Because of the natural oils in the fabric, it’s recommended to wash cloth diapers multiple times before reaching maximum absorbency. Never boil EcoAble cloth diapers and inserts!

SHRINKAGE: Shrinkage of natural fibers is common. To avoid excessive shrinkage of the fitted diaper, please don’t over-dry or use extremely hot water.

CARE: Knock solids into toilet. Store in the dry pail only. Machine washable. Tumble dry on low/medium heat. Maximum temperature 90F. Do not boil, bleach or use fabric softeners. Use liner with rash creams.

Designed in USA, made in China

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Ecoable - Bamboo Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size
Ecoable - Bamboo Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size
Ecoable - Bamboo Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size
Ecoable - Bamboo Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size