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When You're Done Cloth Diapering

Are you wondering what to do with your cloth diapers when your child has outgrown them? 

Is your little one transitioning to potty training? Or are you stuck with a stash of cloth diapers that you no longer can use, but they are all still in good condition?

There are many ways to sell off or properly store your cloth diapers!

Here are a few main ideas on what you can do with your reusable diapers when you no longer need them.


There are many ways to sell your cloth diapers and accessories. There are many moms and families out there looking for a cheaper option to begin their cloth diapering journey. Many moms appreciate used diapers in great condition, for also a great price.

You can join groups on Facebook, sell them on craigslist, sell them to a friend, or any other creative ways that you can find to sell your cloth diapers to a mother in need. Here are links to a few great resources on selling your reusable diapers.

Check these popular websites where you can sell reusable diapers:

Cloth Diaper Trader

Diaper Swappers


Donating or paying it forward with your cloth diapers is also an option. You can donate your diapers to a reputable charity, or pay it forward to someone that you know. Donating cloth diapers is also tax-deductible. There are few groups on Facebook that focus on Pay It Forward cloth diapers. 

Here are a few charities that you can donate your cloth diapers to:


The Rebecca Foundation


Storing your cloth diapers for another time can be easy. There are a few simple steps to remember when storing your reusable diapers for a prolonged time.

It is best to store your cloth diapers in a large bin, or storage tote that is sealable and does not allow dust, dirt or moisture to get into the container. When placing your cloth diapers and accessories into the storage or bin, you want to pack them very loosely. For best storage you would also need to wrap each diaper or accessory in white tissue paper eventually.

Also, Make sure that your cloth diapers are clean, dry, and free of any stains you don't want to remain on your cloth diapers or accessories. The best storage temperature would be between 35 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

We hope this post has been useful on how to sell, donate or store your cloth diapers and accessories.