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Ecoable Cloth Diapers

Day & Night All-In-One Cloth Diaper (Little Fox)

    • EASY: All-In-One (AIO) hybrid cloth diapers are as easy as disposable diapers. Just snap on baby and go! Perfect for day care and busy families


    • 2-in-1 INSERT: Stay-Dry Side is lined with charcoal bamboo for extra comfort; Cool Side is lined with terry bamboo for potty training and warmer days


    • DAY & NIGHT: Customize absorbency for your 'heavy wetter' or for over-night use. Unique heavy duty design with multiple layers for absorbency with 2 sewn-in inserts + extra insert. Double pocket opening for easy insert placement


    • FASTER DRYING: New AIO cloth diaper design with smart layer distribution dries much faster and gets clean more efficiently


    • ADJUSTABLE: Trim design with snap buttons to adjust rise to Small, Medium or Large size. Waist tab snaps provide a snug fit for small waists. Fitted for babies from 10Lbs to 35Lbs


Day & Night Cloth Diaper for heavy wetter baby


New AIO design offers more absorbency with option to add or remove layers when needed. Entirely made of bamboo material to keep baby’s delicate skin rash free. 

2-in-1 INSERT: 
Unique fold over insert designed to serve multiple functions: 
* Stay-Dry Side (charcoal) allows the moisture to go through but maintains a dry feeling next to baby’s skin; perfect for younger babies. 
*Cool Side (white) provides damp feeling when wet, perfect to get ready older babies for potty training or during hot summer days. 

*Extra gussets around legs, no more blowouts! Lined with charcoal bamboo fleece for extra comfort

*Although this is an AIO cloth diaper and stuffing with inserts is not required, it’s now so much easier to align inserts inside the pocket with back and front opening. You can hide all layers to make daycare friendly cloth diapering option. 
* Compatible with EcoAble Charcoal Bamboo Inserts or Hemp/Cotton Diaper Inserts (sold separately). 

SAFE: EcoAble Cloth Diapers are tested and certified in compliance with the US CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) rules and regulations. 

Outside waterproof layer: 100% PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) /Inside lining & soakers: 100% Rayon from bamboo.

*Ready for use after initial wash with detergent. Wash multiple times to reach maximum absorbency.
*Never boil EcoAble cloth diapers and inserts! Avoid very hot temperatures when caring for EcoAble products. 

*Knock solids into toilet. Store in dry pail only.
*Launder: 1 short cycle warm or cool water wash without or very little detergent. 1 long/heavy duty hot water wash with detergent. 1 additional rinse cycle. Tumble dry low or line dry.
*Water temperature: 95F. No bleach. No softeners. Do not boil. Use liner with rash creams.

Designed in USA, made in China

Works pretty well for nights
Posted Jun 5th 2017 by Jessica

I purchased one to try on my one month old for nights. It got us through the whole night a couple times and more of he night than my other diapering options. We ordered a few more. I do add a hemp insert under the insert it comes with in the pocket. We do end up having leaks sometimes but baby turns on his side in the night and so it leaks at that leg area after extended time on that side. I like the price of this diaper for what you get. The outer fabric is really soft. The snaps hold well but are easy to unsnap and aren't awful to unsnap like some covers, which is good because I've found if I unsnap the rise when drying, it will dry fully - if not, then the bamboo inner stays damp for a long time. Despite being a big diaper that can fit my large 3 year old, this fits well for a night diaper on my one month old 12# baby! I haven't used it during the day on him, but I wouldn't use as much stuffing if I did or it would seem too big for day use. I wish the pocket diaper was designed like this diaper with the double openings and similar leg gussets. I would buy more of those if they were! I would like some without the soaker attached for day use to stuff how I like!

My new favorite :)
Posted Mar 3rd 2017 by Eriko

Out of package I thought it would've too big for my 2-month old (he is somewhat chunky at about 14 lb). But this diaper actually fit him very well with rise snaps snapped all the way. The leg opening looked big but these have double gussets and inner gussets will fit skinny babies too and prevent leaks and blowouts. The bamboo is very thirsty. My little one is super duper heavy wetter (who can out pee Grovia ONE!) and during the daytime it lasted at least 3 hours if he didn't poop, which is a long time for cloth. Oh and this a without the extra insert. I also like the charcoal color interior so the EBF stains don't show, at least on the top side. I like them a lot and am planning on getting the bundle deal soon!

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Height 1.00
Width 8.00
Depth 8.00
Day & Night All-In-One Cloth Diaper (Little Fox)