Wool Cover for Cloth Diapers, 100% Merino Wool Double Knit

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Pull on Diaper Cover for Baby Boys and Girls, 100% Organic Merino Wool Double Knit

  • 100% Virgin Merino Wool (certified organic)
  • This merino wool diaper cover is an excellent alternative to synthetic PUL covers, it is ideal for daytime and overnight use
  • Breathable and antibacterial wool nappy cover wicks moisture away from the skin and can absorb up to one third of its weight
  • Pull on diaper cover fits nicely over any pre-fold or fitted cloth diaper, compatible with EcoAble fitted cloth diapers
  • Once wool diaper wrap is lanolized, you will have no leaks, making it an excellent choice for night time cloth diapering
  • This wool diaper soaker is finely crimped, does not itch, and feels soothingly soft against infant's sensitive skin

Lightweight double-knit merino wool diaper covers work well with any pre-fold or fitted cloth diaper. Try pull on cover with EcoAble fitted cloth diapers for heavy duty overnight solution.

Wool cover provides excellent moisture regulation and remains warm even when wet.

Knit nappy pants feature wide band around waist and legs, which can be folded in half. This ensures perfect fit even over bulky diapers, and also helps to prevent leaks.

Wool covers can block small amounts of urine. If wool soaker gets slightly damp, allow it to air dry and reuse. Wool gives self-cleansing properties to minimize need for washing. Woolen over pants remain hygienically clean due to natural self-cleaning function. Lanolize knitted diaper cover once all the lanolin is used up and shell no longer repels moisture.

Hypoallergenic wool cover is perfect for newborn baby’s sensitive skin - no toxic coloring, pesticide-free, insecticide-free, and fire retardants-free.

European size corresponds to child's height in centimeters. Age is estimated and may vary.

EU 50-56 cm / 19-22 inches / 0-3 months;
EU 62-68 cm / 24-27 inches / 3-6 months;
EU 74-80 cm / 29-31 inches / 6-12 months;
EU 86-92 cm / 34-36 inches / 12-24 months;
EU 98-104 cm / 38-41 inches / 2-3 years;
EU 110-116 cm / 43-45 inches / 3-4 years.

Organic wool cover should be washed and lanolized before being used for the first time. Full care instructions are available here: How to Wash and Lanolize Wool Cover.

For parents who want the very best. Made in Germany using premium fabric and superior workmanship.

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Disana - Wool Cover for Cloth Diapers, 100% Merino Wool Double Knit
Disana - Wool Cover for Cloth Diapers, 100% Merino Wool Double Knit
Disana - Wool Cover for Cloth Diapers, 100% Merino Wool Double Knit