Big Kids' Snap-in Insert for Incontinence and Bedwetting, Special Needs, Age 6-16 Years

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Special Needs Big Kids' Snap-in Insert for Incontinence and Bedwetting

Introducing our ultimate comfort incontinence pads for special needs children. Crafted with high-quality materials, these pads guarantee unparalleled comfort, rash prevention, odor control and superior absorption. Compatible with EcoAble cloth diapers for ages 6-16 years, they provide maximum protection without compromising comfort. Snap-in Inserts offer freshness, prevent odors, and keep delicate skin dry.

  • Ultimate Comfort and Dryness: Ensure your special needs child enjoys unparalleled comfort and stays rash-free with our premium incontinence pads. Crafted with high-quality rayon, these pads offer superior absorption and moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping your child dry and cozy throughout the day.
  • Maximum Protection and Support: Experience peace of mind as your child stays protected with our rayon insert. Designed for maximum coverage and support, this insert is compatible with EcoAble cloth diapers for children aged 6-16 years. Please note that while it provides excellent absorption, it is not waterproof and should be used inside a waterproof diaper for complete protection.
  • Freshness with Every Change: Elevate your child's diaper change experience with our rayon cloth diaper inserts. Not only do they effectively prevent unpleasant odors, but they also keep your child's delicate skin dry and fresh for extended periods.
  • Tailored Fit for Maximum Comfort: Find the perfect fit for your special needs child with our incontinence pads available in multiple sizes. Designed to accommodate a range of body shapes and ages, these pads ensure your child's utmost comfort and protection, regardless of their size.
  • Long-Lasting and Easy Care: Our incontinence pads are not only easy to care for but also built to last, making them the ideal solution for busy parents of special needs children. With each wash, these pads become even more absorbent, guaranteeing that your child remains comfortable and dry. Provide your special needs child with the care and protection they truly deserve with our premium incontinence pads.

Tailored for a perfect fit, accommodating various sizes and body shapes, these pads deliver utmost comfort and protection. Easy to care for and long-lasting, they become more absorbent with each wash. Ideal for busy parents, offering the care and protection your special needs child deserves.

Our Snap-in Insert is perfect for

  • Bedwetting
  • Enuresis
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Diarrhea and Bowel Incontinence


Outside: 100% Rayon
Inside: 100% Microfiber


Utilize Snap-in Insert crafted from rayon and microfiber to manage odors, maintain dryness, and prevent rashes. Note: These incontinence pads are not waterproof. Available in various sizes, they offer easy care and enhance absorbency with each wash. Ideal for providing superior care and protection to your special needs child.


To utilize the EcoAble Snap-in Insert, insert it into a waterproof diaper shell and secure it with the snap closure. After use, detach and launder. Specifically designed for children with special needs, these incontinence pads provide outstanding absorbency, rash prevention, and user-friendly freshness.

Simple Care Instructions

Maintaining this product is a breeze. Simply dispose of solids in the toilet and store the diaper in a dry pail until ready to wash. Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying on low/medium heat (maximum 90°F). Please avoid boiling, bleaching, or using fabric softeners. To keep your child's skin rash-free, we recommend using a liner with rash creams.

Quality You Can Trust

Our products are meticulously designed in the USA for the highest quality and standards, expertly crafted in China for reliability and affordability.

Invest in the best for your special needs child and enjoy worry-free nights and comfortable days. Elevate your child's comfort and your peace of mind with our Fitted Cloth Diaper. The ultimate solution for incontinence.

1 Review

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    Special Needs snap in insert

    Published by Gerigk Laura on Jan 29th 2024

    I’m very pleased with this product….absorbency is sufficient and size adequate for our needs. Thank you for the care and thoughtfulness you gave to the design of this product!!

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