Adult Cloth Diapers Guide

The Definitive Adult Cloth Diaper Selection Guide for Urinary and Bowel Incontinence

Reusable Washable Cloth diapers are the best thing for everyone

If you are embarking on a journey to explore the contemporary realm of reusable diapers, it's understandable that you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

In a world increasingly focused on eco-conscious choices, EcoAble presents a comprehensive guide to revolutionize your approach to adult incontinence care. Our range of premium adult cloth diapers not only ensures comfort and reliability but also champions environmental preservation. Discover the perfect balance of convenience, effectiveness, and ecological responsibility as we delve into the realm of modern, reusable solutions for urinary and bowel incontinence.

Here, you'll discover comprehensive responses to the frequently asked questions about EcoAble reusable diapers. Simply click the link below to swiftly navigate through the content:

Cloth Diaper Essentials: Exploring the Basics of Diaper Anatomy

Tailoring Your Needs: Determining the Ideal Number of Adult Cloth Diapers

Tailored Comfort: Navigating Our Size Chart for the Ideal Fit

Absorbency Matters: Finding the Ultimate Adult Cloth Diaper for Your Needs


Cloth Diaper Essentials: Exploring the Basics of Diaper Anatomy

Discover the Versatile EcoAble Adult Cloth Diapering System: Optimal Absorbency and Leak Protection.

Experience the evolution of incontinence care with the cutting-edge EcoAble Adult cloth diapering system. Engineered with care, this revolutionary system is thoughtfully crafted in two essential parts: a high-performance absorbent core and a leak-proof exterior shield. This exceptional design ensures efficient moisture absorption, guaranteeing optimal comfort, while the protective outer layer offers an impenetrable defense against leaks, providing you with the ultimate reassurance throughout your daily activities.

Our innovative and eco-friendly system comprises easily interchangeable components, allowing you to effortlessly mix and match, ensuring that you triumph over your daily incontinence challenges with the utmost comfort and confidence.

Explore EcoAble's range of adult cloth diapers, offering tailored solutions to your unique needs. Whether you seek discreet protection, all-day comfort, or sustainable choices, our diverse styles and customizable combinations have you covered.

Part 1 - The Waterproof Layer

Explore a Spectrum of Styles: Diaper Shells Crafted from Breathable PUL Material.

Diaper shells take on a vibrant array of colors and prints, all meticulously fashioned from PUL material – an abbreviation for polyurethane laminate. This innovative fabric constitutes the breathable foundation of the waterproof outer layer encasing your cloth diaper shell. The remarkable softness of PUL ensures a comfortable experience, devoid of any intrusive rustling sounds during movement. With EcoAble diapers, the need for plastic pants becomes obsolete, as our advanced designs provide complete protection.

Experience the Versatility: Unveiling Multiple Styles of Cloth Diaper Shells.

EcoAble introduces a range of cloth diaper shells, available in various styles that cater to distinct fits and functions. Choose from the Diaper Cover, Pocket Diaper, or Pull On Diaper, each designed to accommodate different preferences and requirements. Embrace the comfort, convenience, and freedom of choice that our thoughtfully designed diaper shells bring to your incontinence care journey.

- Diaper Cover 2.0

The Diaper Cover serves as the essential waterproof layer, effectively safeguarding your clothing from moisture. With its singular construction, the Cloth Diaper Cover offers the advantage of multiple uses, ranging from 3 to 4 times before necessitating a wash, unless significant soiling occurs. Additionally, its rapid drying ability when hung out conserves energy, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Maximize absorbency by placing your chosen absorbent material within the Diaper Cover shell. This design harmoniously accommodates various options, including Snap-in Inserts, Fitted Diapers, and even disposable adult incontinence products. Embrace versatility and convenience while ensuring optimal protection with the adaptable Diaper Cover system.

Reusable Special Needs Incontinence Briefs for Big Kids, Teens and Adults

- Pocket Diaper 2.0

The Pocket Cloth Diaper presents a multi-layered composition, featuring a waterproof outer layer, a stay-dry inner layer, and a strategically positioned pocket opening. Unlike Diaper Covers, Pocket Diapers necessitate a complete wash of the entire diaper during each change, ensuring thorough hygiene.

Simple Usage, Tailored Absorbency: Embrace the Ease of Pocket Diapers.

Utilizing a Pocket Diaper involves effortlessly inserting the Snap-in Insert into the designated pocket, followed by securing the diaper in place. Adaptability takes center stage with Pocket Diapers, allowing seamless customization of absorbency layers to match your unique requirements.

Efficient Leak Management: Enhanced Functionality of EcoAble Pocket Diapers.

EcoAble's innovative Pocket Diaper design boasts an integrated thin bamboo booster within the shell, effectively countering minor leaks and dribbles when used independently, eliminating the need for additional pads. Experience enhanced confidence and comfort with our advanced pocket diapering solution.

Adult Pocket Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Briefs for Women, Men and Big Kids

- Pull-On Diaper 2.0

Seamless Comfort and Convenience: Unveiling the Pull-On Diaper.

Much like its counterpart, the Pocket Diaper, the Pull-On Diaper seamlessly combines a waterproof outer layer with a stay-dry inner layer. In the earlier version, the Pull-On Diaper featured an attached Snap-in Insert on its inner layer, omitting the pocket opening. However, the new and improved Pull-On Diaper 2.0 introduces the inclusion of a convenient pocket opening.

Enhanced Leakage Protection: Elevated Performance of EcoAble Pull-On Diapers.

The EcoAble Pull-On Diaper takes functionality a step further with its integrated thin bamboo booster, effectively addressing minor leaks and dribbles. This design feature enhances confidence and comfort, ensuring you remain worry-free throughout your day.

Effortless Movement, Secure Fit: Embrace the Freedom of Pull-On Diapers.

Designed with your ease in mind, the Pull-On Diaper incorporates wide elastics on both the front and back, allowing for effortless maneuvering when pulling the diaper up and down, akin to traditional underwear. Additionally, the hip tabs, securely fastened on the sides, contribute to a snug and reliable fit, granting you ultimate peace of mind.

Pull On Cloth Diaper with Tabs – Special Needs Briefs for Big Kids, Teens and Adults


Part 2 - The Absorbency Layer

- Snap-In Insert

Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Inserts for Cloth Diapers (Big Kid, Teen and Adult Sizes)

Crafted with ingenuity, Snap-In Inserts feature a bamboo fleece top layer that wicks moisture away while ensuring a stay-dry sensation. This advanced design minimizes skin rashes, a common concern with disposable products, rarely experienced with cloth diapers due to unique material properties.

Enjoy unsurpassed comfort with contoured shaping, offering maximum coverage precisely where needed. The insert securely attaches to diaper shells with two snaps, ensuring hassle-free use. Compatible with Diaper Covers, Pocket Diapers, Pull-On Diapers, and Fitted Diapers, Snap-In Inserts adapt seamlessly to your preferred style.

- Bamboo Cotton Prefold

Bamboo Cotton Prefold Insert for Cloth Diapers (Big Kid, Teen and Adult Sizes)


Bamboo Cotton Prefold: Your Nighttime Absorbency Solution.

Enhance absorbency with Bamboo Cotton Prefold, perfect for heavy wetters and nighttime use. Its exceptional moisture retention surpasses microfiber inserts. For added comfort, layer it with a Snap-in Insert, an excellent nighttime combination.


- Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper

Optimal Nighttime Protection: Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper.

Combat nighttime leaks effectively with the Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper. Securely wrapping around your body, it guarantees a snug fit and unmatched absorbency. Lined with soft stay-dry bamboo, it ensures a comfortable night's rest. For enhanced performance, pair it with the Snap-in Insert. Note that Fitted Diapers aren't waterproof and should be worn under a waterproof diaper shell.

Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids

Tailoring Your Needs: Determining the Ideal Number of Adult Cloth Diapers

When calculating your required cloth diaper count, it's important to acknowledge that this isn't a precise formula, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The actual quantity hinges on factors like your preferred washing frequency and whether you prefer a larger rotation to avoid washing every diaper in every load.

Simple formula:

Starting with Cloth Diapers: A Simple Calculation.

Number of Daily Diaper Changes X 3

If you're new to cloth diapers, a basic guideline is to tally your daily diaper changes and then triple that figure. This serves as a recommended minimum, especially if you're considering a full-time switch to cloth diapers.

If the concept of cloth diapering is unfamiliar, begin with a modest approach. Experiment with two or three diaper sets to gauge your comfort level. Once you're confident, you can opt to purchase in bulk and build your diaper stash.

Tailored Comfort: Navigating Our Size Chart for the Ideal Fit

EcoAble Adult Cloth Diaper Hip Measurements

Why Choose Hip Measurements Over Waist for EcoAble Cloth Diapers Sizing?

Opting for hip measurements offers greater accuracy due to the low-rise design of EcoAble cloth diapers, which don't extend to the natural waistline. This approach aids in pinpointing the precise sizing requirements of the user.

Experience the perfect fit with EcoAble cloth diapers by considering hip measurements. Our low-rise design ensures a snug fit that caters to your unique body shape, enhancing comfort and performance.


NEW 2.0 style sizes fit hips from 26 inches up to 60 inches:

SMALL – recommended for small size adult and teens (small-medium clothing size).

MEDIUM – recommended for medium size adult (medium-large clothing size).

LARGE – recommended for large size adult (large-xlarge clothing size).

PULL-ON DIAPER 2.0 SMALL 34-46 87-117 21-26 53-66
PULL-ON DIAPER 2.0 MEDIUM 36-52 92-132 26-32 66-81
PULL-ON DIAPER 2.0 LARGE 45-60 115-152 32-35 81-90
POCKET DIAPER 2.0 SMALL 26-42 66-107 23-27 59-69
POCKET DIAPER 2.0 MEDIUM 30-45 77-114 28-33 71-84
POCKET DIAPER 2.0 LARGE 36-55 92-140 32-38 81-95
DIAPER COVER 2.0 SMALL 26-42 66-107 23-27 59-69
DIAPER COVER 2.0 MEDIUM 30-45 77-114 28-33 71-84
DIAPER COVER 2.0 LARGE 36-55 92-140 32-38 81-95
FITTED DIAPER SMALL 24-38 61-97 21-25 54-64
FITTED DIAPER MEDIUM 27-44 69-112 26-30 67-77
FITTED DIAPER LARGE 30-51 76-130 30-36 76-92


Note about the Discontinued style sizes:

The discontinued diaper styles named Youth, Regular, and Extended do not correspond directly to the new 2.0 diaper sizing system. The Youth size is similar to our Junior 3 size (Big Kids diapers), the Regular size is comparable to our new Small size (Adult 2.0 diapers), and the Extended size aligns with our Medium size (Adult 2.0 diapers).

Please note that this change does not apply to the Snap-in Inserts, Fitted Diapers, and Prefolds, as these products have not undergone any modifications. In these cases, the Youth size is equivalent to Small, the Regular size matches Medium, and the Extended size corresponds to Large.

Absorbency Matters: Finding the Ultimate Adult Cloth Diaper for Your Needs

Personalize Your Cloth Diapering System with EcoAble Components.

Discover the freedom to mix and match EcoAble components, crafting a cloth diapering system tailored to your unique needs. Refer to the chart below to assist you in selecting the ideal products. Please note that suggested absorbency levels are approximate and may vary.

Diaper Cover Yes 0 0
Diaper Cover + Snap-in Insert Yes 400 14
Diaper Cover + Snap-in Insert + Prefold Yes 750 25
Diaper Cover + Fitted + Snap-in Insert Yes 750 25
Pocket Diaper Yes 250 8
Pocket Diaper + Snap-in Insert Yes 650 22
Pocket Diaper + Snap-in Insert + Prefold Yes 1000 34
Pocket Diaper + Fitted + Snap-in Insert Yes 1000 34
Pull-On Diaper Yes 250 8
Pull-On Diaper + Snap-in Insert Yes 650 22
Pull-On Diaper + Snap-in Insert + Prefold Yes 1000 34
Pull-On Diaper + Fitted + Snap-in Insert Yes 1000 34
Fitted Diaper No 350 12
Fitted Diaper + Snap-in Insert No 750 25
Snap-in Insert No 400 14
Prefold No 350 12

Ready to Embark on Your Cloth Diapering Journey?

Now that you're equipped with valuable insights into our range of exceptional cloth diapering solutions, it's time to take the next step. Explore our diverse selection of products by clicking the link below and embark on your path to eco-friendly, comfortable, and reliable incontinence care with EcoAble.

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