Which cloth diaper is best for an adult with urinary or bowel incontinence?

Reusable Washable Cloth diapers are the best thing for everyone

If you are beginning to research the modern world of reusable diapers, you are no doubt overwhelmed.

Cloth diapers are the best thing for everyone. Even starting with just a few reusable diapers will have a huge positive impact on our planet. Every cloth diaper you purchase keeps one disposable diaper out of a landfill.

Below you will find answers to most common questions about EcoAble reusable diapers. Click on the link to jump down the page:

Basic Cloth Diaper Anatomy

How many adult cloth diapers would you recommend?

Why don't you list your sizing information based on a person's waist instead of their hips?

Which adult cloth diaper is the most absorbent?


Basic Cloth Diaper Anatomy

EcoAble offers multiple styles and combinations tailored to your specific needs. Our system consists of interchangeable parts that you can mix and match to overcome your daily challenges with utmost comfort.

The EcoAble Adult cloth diapering system is made of 2 parts to serve important functions: to absorb moisture and to protect from leaks.

Part 1 Waterproof Layer

Diaper shells are made in a variety of colors and prints out of PUL material. PUL is short for polyurethane laminate, the breathable material making up the waterproof outer layer of your cloth diaper shell. It is incredibly soft and makes no crinkly sounds when moving. You don’t need to wear plastic pants with EcoAble diapers. Cloth diaper shells are available in multiple styles that vary by fit and function: Diaper Cover, Pocket Diaper, Pull On Diaper.

- Diaper Cover 2.0

The Diaper Cover provides the waterproof layer needed to keep clothing dry. Since there are no other layers built-in, the Cloth Diaper Cover can be used 3-4 times before washing (unless soiled). Also, it dries quickly on the line, conserving energy.

Simply place absorbent material inside the Diaper Cover shell. It is compatible with Snap-in Inserts, Fitted Diapers and disposable adult incontinence products.

Reusable Special Needs Incontinence Briefs for Big Kids, Teens and Adults

- Pocket Diaper 2.0

The Pocket Cloth Diaper consists of a waterproof outer layer, a stay-dry inner layer and a pocket opening between them. Unlike Diaper Covers, pockets require you to wash the entire diaper at every change.

To use a Pocket Diaper, stuff the Snap-in Insert into the pocket and then put the diaper on. You can easily adjust the absorbency of the diaper to fit your needs by adding more absorbency layers.

EcoAble Pocket Diaper shell is equipped with built-in thin bamboo booster to absorb small leaks and dribbles when used alone without additional pads.

Adult Pocket Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Briefs for Women, Men and Big Kids

- Pull-On Diaper 2.0

Just like a Pocket Diaper, a Pull-On Diaper consists of a waterproof outer layer and a stay-dry inner layer. There is no pocket opening on the older version Pull-On Diaper and Snap-in Insert is attached to the inner layer. New version Pull-On Diaper 2.0 now has a pocket opening.

The EcoAble Pull-On Diaper shell is also equipped with built-in thin bamboo booster to absorb small leaks.

Pull-On Diaper has wide elastics on the front and back, allowing an easy motion when pulling the diaper up and down, just like any underwear. Hip tabs are also fastened on the sides.

Pull On Cloth Diaper with Tabs – Special Needs Briefs for Big Kids, Teens and Adults


Part 2 Absorbency Layer

- Snap-In Insert

Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Inserts for Cloth Diapers (Big Kid, Teen and Adult Sizes)

Snap-in inserts are made of multiple functional layers. Where the top layer is made of bamboo fleece that wicks moisture away from your skin while providing a stay-dry feeling at the same time. This helps to minimize skin rashes and redness that often happens with disposable products, but rarely experienced with cloth diapers due to unique material features.

Snap-in insert has contoured shape for maximum comfort and extra coverage where you need it most. It attaches to the diaper shell with 2 snaps. Compatible with Diaper Cover, Pocket Diaper, Pull-On Diaper and Fitted Diaper.

- Bamboo Cotton Prefold

Bamboo Cotton Prefold Insert for Cloth Diapers (Big Kid, Teen and Adult Sizes)

The Bamboo Cotton Prefold works best as absorbency booster for nighttime or for heavy wetters.

It can naturally absorb a lot of moisture and hold it well; much better than microfiber inserts.

Bamboo Cotton Prefolds don’t provide a stay-dry feel when wet. For extra comfort, we recommend placing a Snap-in Charcoal Bamboo Insert on top of your prefold. This is also a great combination for nighttime.

- Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper

The Bamboo fitted cloth diaper is perfect solution for nighttime leaks. It is securely wrapped around your body and stays in place. Fitted Diapers provide superior absorbency all around. It is lined inside with the soft stay-dry bamboo, so you can have a good night rest with most comfort. Works best when combined with the Snap-in Insert. Fitted Diapers are not waterproof and must be worn under a waterproof diaper shell.

Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids

How many adult cloth diapers would you recommend?

When figuring out how many cloth diapers you need, you must understand that this is not an exact science and there is no right answer. The actual number depends a lot on how often you want to be washing them, and if you want to have a larger rotation to help keep every diaper from being washed in every single load.

Simple formula:

If you are just starting with cloth diapers, then simply count how many diaper changes you make per day and multiply this number by 3.

Diaper Changes in 1 Day X 3

This would be recommended minimum if you decide to go with cloth diapers full time.

If you are new to cloth diapering concept, then start small, because cloth diapering isn’t for everyone. Get two or three diaper sets to see whether it’s something you can handle, and only then buy in bulk to build your stash.

Why don't you list your sizing information based on a person's waist instead of their hips?

EcoAble Adult Cloth Diaper Hip MeasurementsThe hips measurement is more accurate simply because EcoAble cloth diapers are low rise and don’t reach the natural waistline. Obtaining hip measurements helps narrow down the user's specific sizing needs.

NEW 2.0 style sizes fit hips from 26 inches up to 60 inches:

SMALL – recommended for small size adult and teens (small-medium clothing size).

MEDIUM – recommended for medium size adult (medium-large clothing size).

LARGE – recommended for large size adult (large-xlarge clothing size).

Discontinued style sizes fit hips from 22 inches up to 52 inches:

YOUTH – fits older kids (10 years and older), teens and small adults.

REGULAR – recommended for average size adult (small-medium clothing size).

EXTENDED – recommended for larger adults.


Which adult cloth diaper is the most absorbent?

You can mix and match EcoAble components to create cloth diapering system that works best for your special needs. Chart below will help you decide which products are right for you. Suggested absorbency levels are approximate and may vary!


Are you ready to start cloth diapering?

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