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Disposable or reusable diapers?

Disposable vs Reusable Diapers

There are few types of diapers you can use on your little one: disposable diapers and reusable diapers (cloth diapers).

As many families like to do, we all have a main goal of providing for our family with the utmost care.

This post is to inform and educate you on the different diapering options you can use for your babies. We will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of disposable diapers and reusable diapers.


We all know these are easy to use, convenient to find and use on the go. We also know that they are a common option used for parents and their kids today.

The health concerns that many families associate with disposable diapers have to do with exposure to chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. Some chemicals may cause skin sensitivities and other issues.

Some commonly found chemicals in disposable diapers: Dioxins, Sodium Polyacrylate, Tributyl-tin (TBT), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

You can read more information on these chemicals here:  Diaper Facts

That being said all disposable diapers are not alike. By this we mean that the "ingredients" used on the disposable diapers will vary by brand.


Yes! There are some chemical free disposable diapers and eco-friendly diaper brands. Although these come more expensive, they are another great option for you to diaper your child. You can find these natural and chemical free disposable diapers at most stores, online or from a specific brand that you like.


If you are looking to reduce overall exposure to chemicals, look into reusable cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are economical, inexpensive and best of all can be washed and reused many times. 

Cloth diapers can be sold or donated, once you're done using them. Reusable diapers are cute and safe for your baby's bum. 

Reusable diapers are very convenient. You won't have to run out and buy more diapers or stock on large boxes of disposable diapers. Simply wash your cloth diapers, dry, and reuse!

Best Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are very easy to use, just pick right cloth diapers that work best for your baby and your lifestyle. Check our  Cloth Diapers Reviews to learn more about different cloth diapering styles and options. Reviews will help you find best cloth diapers for your baby.

We hope this post has been useful in finding out more about options for diapering your baby.