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Washing and Caring For Cloth Diapers

Washing and Caring for Cloth Diapers

ecoAble cloth diapers are very easy to use, wash and care for. I am going to show you a very easy step by step process on how to wash your ecoAble Cloth Diapers. 

How to wash ecoAble Cloth Diapers:

Step 1) Knock solids into toilet, and store into your dry cloth diaper diaper pail.

Step 2) Soak/wash the ecoAble cloth diapers in your washing machine with cold water.

Step 3) Wash the cloth diapers again in the washer with hot/warm water (approximately 95 degrees F).

Step 4) Tumble dry the ecoAble cloth diapers on low, or hang dry the cloth diapers.

Things to keep in mind before/while using ecoAble cloth diapers:

  • Never use bleach or fabric softener on ecoAble cloth diapers.
  • Use a liner with your ecoAble cloth diaper if you are using a diaper rash cream.
  • Never boil microfiber inserts, charcoal bamboo inserts or blended inserts. Avoid washing your diapers in very hot water and line drying outside on a very hot day.

  • Prepping cloth diapers:

    ecoAble cloth diapers are ready for use just after one wash- However, because of the natural oils in the fabric, some of our cloth diapers needs multiple washings before reaching maximum absorbency. 

    Stripping cloth diapers:

    Do several (4-6) hot water washes (no detergent) to get rid of most residues. For extreme hard water build up you may need to use RLR Laundry Treatment.


    If you have problems with leaking or repelling cloth diapers, please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide or contact us for assistance.

    What are your cloth diaper washing routines that work you? Please comment below.