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Hemp Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size

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Fitted Cloth Diaper: Overnight Diaper with 2 Cotton Hemp Inserts, One Size with Snap Buttons

  • ABSORBENT: Hemp cotton fitted cloth diaper is a leak free nighttime solution so baby, and you can get a good night's rest
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Hemp is naturally antibacterial, it’s ideal diaper for babies with a tendency towards diaper rashes
  • COMFORTABLE: Adjustable size with snap buttons and gentle elastics for perfect fit every time while your baby grows
  • VERSATILE: Removable snap-in hemp insert soakers to customize absorbency – great cloth diaper for heavy wetter babies who sleep through the night
  • REQUIREMENTS: Requires a waterproof wool diaper cover or PUL cover (sold separately)

Fitted cloth diapers are wonderful overnight solution for heavy wetter baby. This one size adjustable diaper is packed with super thirsty layers of hemp cotton material, so you wake up to dry sheets every morning.

Each fitted includes soft shell with 2 snap-in hemp diaper inserts. This is perfect diaper set to keep your baby leak-free for up to 10 hours.

IMPORTANT: Fitted cloth diapers require a waterproof cover. Compatible with EcoAble wool covers and EcoAble PUL covers.

SIZE: Fits babies from 10 to 30 pounds, size recommendation is approximate and may vary.

MATERIALS: 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton

PREPPING: Fitted cloth diapers can be used after initial wash with detergent. Because of the natural oils in the fabric, it’s recommended to wash cloth diapers multiple times before reaching maximum absorbency. Never boil EcoAble cloth diapers and inserts!

SHRINKAGE: Shrinkage of natural fibers is common. To avoid excessive shrinkage of the fitted diaper, please don’t over-dry or use extremely hot water.

CARE: Knock solids into toilet. Store in the dry pail only. Machine washable. Tumble dry on low/medium heat. Maximum temperature 90F. Do not boil, bleach or use fabric softeners. Use liner with rash creams.

Designed in USA, made in China

Impressive nighttime diaper solution!
Posted Sep 14th 2023 by Alissa

I initially purchased a couple of these for nighttime use and was so satisfied that I recently bought another two-pack. I'd previously experimented with the Grovia ONES, but unfortunately, they caused a slight diaper rash for my little one. With these diapers, I use the fitted design along with just one of the small inserts, and they've proven to be a real game-changer. Our 6-month-old can go a solid 12 hours without any leaks, even with an older diaper safari diaper cover. What's remarkable is that our baby has transitioned from being a side sleeper to a belly sleeper, and these diapers have continued to perform flawlessly in both positions. One notable benefit is that our baby wakes up with perfectly dry skin, thanks to the impressive absorbency of these diapers. Although they do tend to get a bit crunchy if you line dry them, I've found a simple solution - tossing them in the dryer with other laundry. Yes, it takes two cycles to dry, and they're not the quickest to line dry either, but that's simply because they're exceptionally absorbent. I can't speak to their performance with regards to handling poop since I haven't had any experiences in that department, but if you're in search of a reliable and highly absorbent nighttime diaper, these are definitely worth considering.

Works 12+ hours
Posted Apr 26th 2023 by Emily

One of these fitteds + a cover lasts my baby 12+ hours — super thirsty fitted diaper. I highly recommend it if you’re having trouble finding an overnight solution

Great fitted!
Posted Mar 21st 2023 by Kiersten

Fits perfectly on my 14 month old! Still room to grow and no leaks as long as I change her right after she gets up in the morning (she sleeps 12 hours at night)

Excellent night time diaper
Posted Oct 27th 2022 by Scott Reagan

I have bought 4 of these for use as night time diapers. Started with 2 and just bought another 2 pack because the other ones I got for overnight just aren't as good (Grovia ONES) and have given her a slight diaper rash. With these, the fitted and just one of the small inserts we can go 12 hours with our 6 month old, no leaks (with a hand me down diaper safari diaper cover). She was a side sleeper and has transitioned to belly and we haven't had any issue with any position yet. She wakes up with her skin very dry. These do get very crunchy if you line dry them, so I have started tossing them in the dryer with other laundry (I line dry all my other diapers and the covers). They do take 2 cycles to dry, and take a long time to line dry as well but its because they are SUPER absorbent. I have zero experience with poop in these, so no info there.

works well
Posted Sep 22nd 2022 by a Chef

these work well but i would go with the alternate version that has fleece on the side that touches the kid's skin. softer and "might" help wick moisture away.

Great nighttime diapers
Posted May 8th 2022 by Customer

These are great! Solved our nighttime diaper leak issues and are really high quality. Happy I found them!

First thing that has worked for me!
Posted Apr 9th 2022 by Bonnita Fulkerson

We have been cloth diapering all day except at night, because I could not find a single combo that held all of his pee throughout the night! This thing is amazing! It’s bulky, but my baby still seems comfortable in it!

Great nighttime diaper!
Posted Mar 6th 2022 by Logan

I love these diapers! We have been doing cloth exclusively with our 4mo but nighttime he was starting to wet through our aio's and pocket diapers. I have been using the small insert in these and the diaper is not completely soaked when he wakes up in the morning. Usually we use it from about 8 or 9 pm till about 5 am. He is about 15 lbs now and I have the diaper on the smallest size. I've been using an osocozy cover with this diaper and it covers the diaper completely without feeling like I am pulling the cover too tight or being too loose and causing leaks. All in all a wonderful nighttime diaper.

Perfect diapers
Posted Dec 30th 2021 by Yalile Fajer

Great for training and nap time.

Overnight Solution HOWEVER..
Posted Sep 4th 2021 by Gabby

This is all that works for us for night time for our 6 month old who pees like crazy. I do have to add a cotton gauze doubler (Ozocozy) and a fleece liner on top for dryness but we get through the nights even nursing 3-4 times. However, if I do not change him upon waking he lets out whatever is in his bladder and it does leak. This may also be an issue with our covers but I will say everytime I take these off they are HEAVY and SOAKED. We don't have issues with rashes though. Only other things that can be annoying is that when you air dry these they are rough/crunchy feeling. Probably just the material though. I have to pop them in the dryer on a warm setting to sort of soften them up before putting them on the baby. Other than that, they dry within hours on these hot summer days. Not sure how colder weather will be though ?? We currently have 4 and may need to get more for drying time... I do not have other fitteds and wonder how these would compare to the GMD Workhorse fitteds that I hear so much about..

Game changer!!!
Posted Aug 31st 2021 by Samantha

I love these for overnight! I have an extremely heavy wetter 18 month old and before I was referred to these, I had her cloth diaper stuffed so much she was uncomfortable and couldn’t walk. These make her feel so much more comfortable with better absorbency and definitely more trim! I wish I had hundreds of these that she could wear during the day too! But this price for the quality of item is beyond compare! They also fit nicely in the bum genius flip covers!!! And we haven’t had a single leak since starting with these!

work but should really prep 5 or 6 times
Posted May 9th 2021 by Rachael Jorgenson

I have a very heavy wetter 16 month old. She loves to drink milk at night and will sometimes wake up for a sippy. If she doesnt wake up, these work pretty well. I prepped by washing 4 times, and they werent as absorbent as everyone else says. Now after being washed a few more times since then, they seem to be holding more liquid and working a lot better. So just a heads up.

Great Absorbency
Posted Apr 28th 2021 by Kelly

My infant has been using this overnight since he was about 3 months. So far so good. I think the serged edges need to be reinforced; each piece started to unravel at the end. My infant wears them all night and they soak everything up. They are a little damp in the morning. They work great with a cover. They're easy to adjust and tuck into covers so my little one's pjs stay dry. They're easy to wash. Just rinse and wring them out, soak them, and wash to keep the ammonia smell away. I air dry mine, and they take almost a full day to air dry. I suggest buying two or three to alternate through throughout the week.

Works great for us
Posted Apr 7th 2021 by Megan Haynes

Love these! My heavy wetter slept through the night! Paired with a cotton/bamboo insert and a flipp cover. Works fantastic for us!

Great for heavy wetters!!
Posted Apr 5th 2021 by A. Gray

These are surprisingly great diapers! I was very shocked and impressed with them considering the price. My son is an extremely heavy wetter (like having to double overnight disposable diapers one size bigger at night kind of heavy wetter) and we experienced no leaks at night when covered with wool cover! And they are soooo soft!!

Perfect nighttime option
Posted Feb 3rd 2021 by Allison

My son is 4 months old and both a heavy wetter and flooder. He would soak through everything else we tried. No more leaks with these fitteds except for one time that the tag poked out. The tag placement/design could be better. My only other complaint is they're a little bulky. Overall, very happy with these fitteds and would highly recommend them!

they shrink!
Posted Jan 11th 2021 by Kristin Avila

I love the absorbency of these hemp fitted diapers. The come with two hemp inserts, a small one and a doubler that can be folded to put more absorbency right where it's needed. It's best to use the inserts because the snaps will likely poke your baby if left exposed. The main problem I had is the shrinkage. The diaper shrank so much I can no longer wrap it around my baby unless I remove all the inserts. And he is only 11lbs! I don't know if it would completely solve the problem but it's probably best not to use a lot of heat when washing/drying these. I still use the doubler in other diapers, fantastic absorbency.

Works well for our one year old
Posted Dec 5th 2020 by Myra Elizabeth

My one year old usually sleeps through the night and when he does these are perfect for overnight. I usually pair it with a fleece liner to keep his skin dry and a thirsties size two duo wrap. However, he is currently going through a growth spurt and has started waking for a bottle at night again. When he gets a bottle these diapers leak but so do disposables. Overall, I am happy with how these diapers have performed.

Pretty good for overnight
Posted Nov 16th 2020 by Samantha E. Zimmermann

I bought these to use as nighttime diapers with a thirsties cover. They work pretty well once they’re fully prepped. I paired with a grovia hybrid liner to increase comfort and absorbency for my little guy.

Wash several times first
Posted Nov 3rd 2020 by Persephika

They are great! After a few washes like they say

They are good but pricy.
Posted Aug 26th 2020 by Hannah Woodard

We got these for our daughter because she is such a heavy wetter we had no other choice. It gets the job done as long as we change her right before bed and as soon as she wakes up, I mean like AS soon as she’s up. I wish I could have got more than 2 for the price I did.

Posted Aug 6th 2020 by Anonymous

Amazing diapers! I tried like 5 different diaper/diaper combos for overnight diapering, and literally everything leaked except for these. I use these with a wool cover, and haven’t had any issues. Love them!!

Bulletproof overnight diaper for 12 hour sleepers
Posted Aug 2nd 2020 by Heather W.

I had been using disposable diapers on my son just overnight for the past year because I didn’t trust a cloth diaper could be absorbent enough as he sleeps for 12-14 hours at night. I decided to try these after they were recommended on a blog post about cloth diapering overnight. Just as a reference, I prepped them by washing them 4 times before I tried them, and I used them with a Nicki’s Diaper cover. I found my son (15 months old and 21 lbs) with dry jammies in the morning, which I honestly didn’t expect. The diaper itself is soaked but the cover contained it all. I’ve used them for a week without leaks, and again I want to reiterate that he’s in it for 12-14 hours. So these are officially bulletproof to me! I highly recommend them and they’re a great price!! I will agree that after washing they aren’t that soft. However, my son hasn’t had any skin irritations using them, and he has VERY sensitive skin.

Posted Aug 2nd 2020 by Mario Frutos

Pañal de excelente calidad. Ayuda mucho

Age quickly
Posted Jun 23rd 2020 by Tracy Jackson

They were very soft at first but look and feel like they are much older than they are now.

Great product! (Accidental bad review sorry lol!)
Posted May 15th 2020 by Terry

This is a great product!! I accidentally wrote a bad review on here instead of for another product I didn’t receive. Love these diapers, and the quality is great! I’m sorry for the accidental bad review.

Affordable and comfortable
Posted Feb 3rd 2020 by Daniel

They work well for my super soaker son’s long naps or a six hour stretch but I don’t think they’d make it any longer. They are priced decently and it is comfortable for him. It seems well made but we’ll see how it holds up long term. Either way I wanted a couple options for his naps at the very least and these are fine.

Posted Jan 24th 2020 by Kindle Customer

Love these, but they are a little big for a NB just fyi

super soft
Posted Jan 5th 2020 by Ann Olson

Beautiful, super soft diaper

Love these!
Posted Jan 4th 2020 by Mama Maggie

These are awesome. They hold so much. I use the babygoal covers. This combo hasn’t leaked once. The fit is great. They are easy to rinse off due to the extra inserts. They are pretty padded though, so I find I put my LO in bigger clothes while using them.

Holds for over 12 hours with a heavy wetter!
Posted Dec 15th 2019 by Allexis McFarland

I totally recommend these! I day time cloth Diapered my 15 month old daughter for a couple months now. I used disposable diapers at night which she has been leaking through and soaking her sheets lately. I bought these for night time and last night was the first night she used them. She slept almost 13 hours and these did not leak (I had a cover over) I am very pleased and will be ordering more. I did wash them 3 times in hot water before use.

Fitted Diaper
Posted Dec 12th 2019 by Tabatha

Love these fitted diapers, I would recommend them to Every Mom. They are great!! I have four of them! They don't leak and fit great.

Not perfect
Posted Nov 27th 2019 by Lizzie

These along with a diaper cover did keep my 15mo dry overnight, which is a miracle. However, because of the design he is soaked to the bone, top bottom left and right, with pee. That kind of concerns me. And these NEED to be washed, immediately. When all the other diapers were clean, these still smelled. When all the other diapers were dry, these were still wet. They're... Annoying. We donated the actual diapers, and now for the last 8 months or so, use the two liners per diaper sandwiched between our daily bamboo liners, in a thirsties cover and that little boost keeps him dry all night still. Oh, and they get incredibly stiff, but non issue here because they don't directly touch my son's skin. So do they work, yes. Are they flawless... No.

Great buy!
Posted Oct 26th 2019 by Nicole Klassen

Amazing for night time!

Must wash Right away. Keeps my son from leaking overnight,
Posted Sep 5th 2019 by Jessica Demmon

My son always leaks through cloth overnight so i thought id give these a try. He didnt leak from 10pm to 830am. However when i took the cover off of it, he was soaked. I put it in a wet bag for a day or two for laundry day, and it stunk so BAD. it took me so many washes. It takes a while to dry too.

Heavy wetter problems good bye!
Posted Aug 20th 2019 by Vanessa Sabo

Used for overnights.

Great for heavy wetters
Posted Aug 13th 2019 by Melissa M.

After trying a few other options, we found these with a Best Bottoms heavy wetter diaper would keep our heavy wetter 1yr old dry. Some nights the BB aren't even wet! These are a game changer for us. They really hold a lot of liquid. So nice to not have to change his pjs every night!

Only overnight solution for us
Posted Jul 6th 2019 by Nicole

Absorbency is great. Only thing we can use for over night.

Fantastic nighttime diaper
Posted Jun 24th 2019 by Hayley Thompson

These work perfectly for my little one for overnight. I love that they are made of natural materials. I would highly recommend trying them if you’re cloth diapering.

Does the job, takes forever to dry!
Posted Jun 2nd 2019 by Nia S.

I use pocket diapers most of the time, but now that my 3-month-old son is sleeping through the night we needed something more absorbent so he didn’t soak through his pajamas. These totally do the trick, but take FOREVER to dry on low heat. We’ve stayed up late two nights now waiting for them to dry, so I just bought two more so that I can always have a dry one on hand for bedtime. Sticking with pockets for daytime wear though.

Yay success!
Posted May 20th 2019 by Holly

Amazing! My LO is 8 months an this fitted diaper and a thirstys cover work for 12 hours straight! I tried a wool cover and we had leaks - yes, I lanolized it. I was so close to calling it quits and get disposables for night time. So happy I didn't give up. Seriously a God send! I was losing my mind washing his sheets everyday!

Good nighttime diaper for 12 hours.
Posted May 2nd 2019 by Abby Williams

Is great nighttime diaper (with cover)!! Needs a lot of dryer time but that’s okay. Means it can hold a lot of liquid.

Didn’t work for us
Posted Apr 30th 2019 by Ashley Iniguez

A little disappointed we spent money in these and they haven’t worked for us. We’ve been used them for couple weeks now and my daughter has soaked through every night she normally isn’t a heavy wetter so we switched to double stuffing a pocket with bamboo inserts and has worked better for us.

Great overnight diaper!
Posted Feb 25th 2019 by Rebekah Hubbard

The first diaper that I can use overnight! Love it!

Love these!
Posted Dec 4th 2018 by Why am I forced to put a name

Edit (05Aug19): these diapers are so good, my husband request I buy more. So I bought an additional two and use them during the night. These diapers are soo good. The hemp prevents leaks and they fit amazing. If I could give them more than five stars, that would be great (nov18)I LOVE these. My son is 4 months and just started fitting in them. They are so wonderful. Hemp is seriously the best for cloth diapers. I will buy more because I love their fit, absorbency and look. We use Prefolds and fitted at night because they fit the best

Very absorbent.
Posted Oct 24th 2018 by Allison G.

These hold a lot of pee. My heavy wetter makes it a really long time. They have great gussets and seem to fit really well. They are not that soft though.

Five Stars
Posted Aug 7th 2018 by Amanda

These are great.

Two for 1/2 night each
Posted Jun 13th 2018 by Ronnie

These two last us half a night each. Buy four for two days before washing. Cleans easily with Foca laundry detergent in our non HE machine and with arm and hammer free and clear in our HE machine with baking soda for heavy water. We love these very much. They look great under a wool cover such and longies or shorties from humbird or our diy wool covers. Perfect for night time.

First night was a success!
Posted Jun 9th 2018 by Sydney

We have a VERY heavy wetter. This is the first diaper I have found to last through the entire night (about 8 hours). This was only after one wash too. I only added a couple small cotton insert under the hemp and she was good to go!

Four Stars
Posted May 6th 2018 by (confidential)

These work great but I liked another brand more for my larger baby

Posted May 2nd 2018 by Customer

The best diapers! I use these for my 19 month old AND 2 month old day and night. They fit both kids perfectly. Hemp really helps them stay smelling fresh and I think the design with so many snap options is amazing. I’m hand washing and air drying and although they’re stiff, they’re still totally comfortable once on my kiddos.

Good Fitted
Posted Apr 13th 2018 by Angela

This diaper would be great for a heavy wetter that is a bit older than my little one (2 months and 11 lbs). It is extremely bulky on her and I can't get PJs over the diaper. She had to wear a nightgown. But, they are soft and made really well. The multiple inserts make this a great customizable diaper. You need a cover with this as it is not waterproof. It also washes really well.

Compared to my Pooter's Overnight bamboo/cotton:
Posted Mar 11th 2018 by M

Compared to my Pooter's Overnight bamboo/cotton: These do not work as well as the Pooter's, but they still hold up well over night. The diaper is completely soaked (using both inserts that come with) when she wakes up after 12 hours, but no leaks outside of the cover or pooling of urine in the cover. In fact they could still absorb more liquid after she wakes up. The Pooter's comes with 3 inserts of varying thickness. I can use the two smallest ones or just the biggest one in the Pooter's diaper, and my daughter will soak through all but the very last layer in the diaper itself. So there is definitely more absorbancey there. BUT if I had to buy more, I would definitely go with these because of the price difference. I am satisfied with them.

Great overnight diaper
Posted Feb 5th 2018 by AdamR

These are great. We use them as overnights and they absorb very well. Wife loves them, baby loves them.

Tried the Bamboo and the Hemp
Posted Dec 17th 2017 by SmashPeaches7

I bought the Ecoable Bamboo fitted diapers and the Ecoable Hemp fitted diapers because honestly, I was curious how they would compare. I have two babies, one is a very heavy wetter and the other is an average wetter. The first thing I noticed is that the hemp was a lot more yellow than the Bamboo variety. The Bamboo is also quite a bit softer than the hemp but the hemp doesn't seem uncomfortable. After the first few washes they seemed to have the same absorbency levels, which were decent but after a month or so of wearing them I think the hemp is now quite a bit more absorbent than the Bamboo. I use both with Disana wool soaker pants and I've never had any real leaks with either but the pants often will seem damp when used on my heavy wetter with the Bamboo fitteds. The pants are completely dry in the morning when used with the hemp. I line dry my diapers to extend the life of the elastic in the legs and both the Bamboo and hemp are super s-l-o-w at drying so I often feel like I need more pairs just to make sure we have enough for while they dry. After breaking in the hemp a bit, I've noticed that it is starting to dry a few hours faster than the Bamboo and that is a very welcome change! I know many people consider hemp to be a more natural fiber than bamboo because of the harsh chemicals used in the process to make the Bamboo into cellulose for the fabric. I can't say I'm overly concerned about it myself, but I figured since I'm comparing the two I might as well do full disclosure. Overall, I would totally buy both again because they both work well but I prefer the hemp set.

Almost amazing!
Posted Dec 9th 2017 by Nealio

We've really enjoyed having these, to the point that we went ahead and ordered another set! They fit really well, wash easily but take a tad longer to dry. No big deal. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because these still aren't enough for our very well hydrated baby. I know "heavy" is subjective, but we have to place an additional insert between this fitted and the cover for more absorbency, otherwise it leaks. I wish these came with one more of the long inserts, or that those were sold separately!

Yes! Bite the bullet and buy this
Posted Nov 2nd 2017 by David K

Worked great and feel it was worth every penny. Within 2 uses the absorption withstood a 12 hour sleep of a 20 month old boy. Finally no more leaks!

It's also nice that the inserts can be placed according to if ...
Posted Oct 18th 2017 by Customer

Very impressed with these diapers. We cloth diaper but were using disposables for our 3 month old who sleeps through the night and pees a TON. These actually held all of it without soaking through his cover and could have even maybe held more. It's also nice that the inserts can be placed according to if you have a boy/girl. Can't speak to their durability yet but we will probably be getting a few more of these in the future to space out washes and preserve the elastic. Highly recommended!

Nice overnight diaper
Posted Sep 12th 2017 by Mountainview

Easy to use, paired with a woolen cover work overnight with no issues and bed and baby dry in morning. Very bulky but I just pair with a shirt if needed

Three Stars
Posted Aug 26th 2017 by quinten

The diapers are not waterproof.

Finally found something that worked
Posted May 17th 2017 by Julie

We use these as our overnights. We love them!

Fast shipping great product
Posted Apr 8th 2017 by Amazonaddict

These are amazing! So soft, thick, and actually works. Shipping was super fast they send it USPS yet it came to me next day. (Probably just luck) only negative is that it's made in China... But what's not ??

Great sleep diaper
Posted Feb 27th 2017 by Amy

These are great overnight diapers! I use these fitted on my daughter at naps and over night and we never have any leaks. They do fit somewhat big around the legs though. She's a chubby baby with pretty thick thighs and there is still a gap. She's about 20lbs and we lower the rise all the way. We haven't had an issue with leaking because the cover holds it up against her leg

These work great! Just make sure you buy outer shells for ...
Posted Feb 27th 2017 by A. McCormick

These work great! Just make sure you buy outer shells for them. I used one without a shell when we first received them and my baby woke up very wet. After buying outer shells they are working out great.

Works well as an overnight diaper - we typically use ...
Posted Nov 28th 2016 by Snapshot Sally

Works well as an overnight diaper - we typically use it from 8:30 pm - 7:00 am and it holds all his pee (along with a cover, of course). Works just as well as the other well-known overnight cloth diaper (with the really, really long company name).

Soaked it all up!
Posted Jul 30th 2016 by Kirstie Adams

Works great overnight! No leaks with the cover, but I think it did pinch my daughter because when I went to change her in the morning she had raised red lines that didn't go away for the rest of the day making me feel really bad that I didn't notice. It must've not been too bad because she didn't whine about it nor wake up at all during the night.

They are super absorbant though
Posted Jul 20th 2016 by mbr

Worked well when little man was 8 months old and sleeping 12 hours through the night. Now that he is a year, I have to add a hemp liner between these and the cover. They are super absorbant though, so I have to say I'm overall pleased. No issues withat holding smells or stains, but do take a long time to dry.

Five Stars
Posted May 24th 2016 by Nicole East


No leaks all night! Highly recommended!!
Posted May 19th 2016 by Customer

Absolutely LOVE them! My son slept through the night for the first time wearing these with NO leaks!! We've spent so much money on different cloth diapers this is the first to not leak at night. They aren't big and bulky either. Great product. Highly recommened.

Unfortunately didn't work for me.
Posted May 11th 2016 by Tiffany B.

I either have the worlds heaviest wetter, or my expectations are too high. My put the diaper on my little at 10, it was SOAKED at 4:50am. Like the entire diaper was completely saturated. Luckily my bestbottoms cover allows for ZERO leaks (just a pissed off baby until he escapes this diaper). I'm not sure if asking for a nighttime diaper to last 8 hours is too much, but maybe that's my mistake. Well, I regret buying the two pack because I wasted significantly more money than had I bought just the one. These are WAY to bulky for Darin's use, so that sucks too. I guess it's trial and error, but I've learned my lesson only buying one from now on. I ordered some Zorb 2 night times that claim they can last 10-12hrs, we shall see. And I'll likely order a gmd workhorse and see how those fair as well. Note: both diapers were prepped properly prior to use. My little is 7 weeks

Love these cloth diapers
Posted Apr 20th 2016 by Nino

Love these cloth diapers! Work like a charm for my 7 month old. No leaks, no mess att night.

Overnight diaper
Posted Apr 9th 2016 by Penny Campbell

These are great overnight diapers for my 10 month old boy. So far i have no leaking. I use thirsties or blueberry covers because they are a wide enough to cover the bulky fitted diaper.

Five Stars
Posted Mar 6th 2016 by Customer

Top of the line quality cloth diapers. They are so soft and cute, and the shipping was speedy!

I had one already.
Posted Feb 5th 2016 by Shelene

I had one already. Finally able to purchase this set of 2. I love the one I already have. I'm sure I will love these too. My older one is a different brand. These are way softer. The inserts are wider too.

Bought these as a night time solution for my twins ...
Posted Feb 1st 2016 by Catherine

Bought these as a night time solution for my twins ( 4 1/2 months ) and we went leak free for 10 hours over night! So soft!

Posted Jan 23rd 2016 by Leslie H.

Only thing that works for my 15mo at night! Need to buy more when have the $$!

Awesome, Awesome absorbing material
Posted Jan 17th 2016 by Nicole R.

Our go to nighttime fitteds and that's over gmd's fitteds! Awesome, Awesome absorbing material! Keeps her pretty dang dry too and that's with only the 1 newborn insert and she's going on 4 months! I bought more then a dozen. These need a cover ;)

Great diapers
Posted Jan 4th 2016 by A. Collins

Great overnight diapers. A little rougher than the bamboo blend, but still fantastic. They fit well, and they fit underneath all my covers. Just know that these (and the bamboo ones too) take forever to dry. Like, forever. I'm talking 2-3 hours on high heat. But it's worth it if you have a heavy wetter or just need a bullet proof nighttime solution. These are definitely overnight diapers, I wouldn't use them for daytime, they're too thick for that.

best night diapers this side of amazon
Posted Dec 22nd 2015 by Epiphany c

best night diapers supper absorbent and my son is a wetter, we haven't had any leaks and when paired with a kangaroo care diaper cover you can't go wrong.

Not yet the best for my heavy wetter!
Posted Nov 29th 2015 by S. Bodeen

I need to wash these a few more times before deciding for sure but my boy must be an extremely heavy wetter!!

I love these diapers
Posted Nov 21st 2015 by Jessica Carlton

I love these diapers! We use these overnight with a wool cover and they've worked perfectly. They for well too.

Awesome Overnight Diaper!
Posted Oct 22nd 2015 by Kevin U

I love love love these fitted diapers. I use them with a fleece cover for overnight with my son. Even with a disposable diaper it seemed he was on the verge of leaking by the time we got up in the morning. Now I don't worry about him leaking in the middle of the night. I have recommended these to a friend and she loves them as well.

My favorite night time diaper
Posted Jul 20th 2015 by V.N.G.O

Perfect for heavy wetters in a pul cover. My go to for bedtime. I don't have to worry about night leaks or changing my 7 month old (who breastfeeds through the night) until we get up in the morning.

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Ecoable - Hemp Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size
Ecoable - Hemp Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size
Ecoable - Hemp Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size
Ecoable - Hemp Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size
Ecoable - Hemp Night Fitted Cloth Diaper, One Size