Big Kids' Pull-on Protective Briefs for Incontinence, Special Needs, Age 6-16 Years

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Special Needs Big Kids' Protective Briefs, Pull-on Cloth Diaper for Incontinence

Introducing our specialized cloth diaper system, meticulously designed with your special needs child's comfort and confidence in mind. Our waterproof pull-on underwear offers exceptional ease of use and superior leak protection, making it the ideal solution for various situations such as bedwetting, urinary incontinence, enuresis, and even diarrhea and bowel incontinence.

  • Tailored Comfort for Special Needs Kids: Elevate your child's comfort and confidence with our breathable pull-on incontinence briefs. Expertly crafted for kids aged 6 to 16 with special needs, these briefs offer dependable incontinence protection, ensuring your child stays dry and rash-free. Perfect for both potty training pants and day time cloth diaper needs.
  • Effortless Changes for Stress-Free Days: Bid farewell to the hassle of changing soiled diapers! Our pull-on incontinence briefs feature a convenient side snap system, making it a breeze for parents and children to remove the diaper. Enjoy more quality time and peace of mind as you quickly get back to the important things in life. Ideal for big kids during potty training and as a day time cloth diaper solution.
  • Enhanced Dryness with Snap-in Insert: Elevate your child's comfort with our Snap-in Insert, delivering an extra layer of absorbency. Ideal for potty training pants and daytime cloth diaper needs, it ensures your child stays dry and comfortable. Note: This diaper is not intended for night time use. For nighttime use, you can enhance absorbency by adding our separately sold Fitted Diaper to this set, ensuring your child stays comfortably dry.
  • Planet-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Solution: Make a positive impact on both your wallet and the nature with our machine-washable cloth pull-on incontinence briefs. Offering an economical and earth-friendly alternative to disposable incontinence products, these briefs maintain high quality and reliability without compromising on sustainability. Perfect for those looking for green-minded potty training pants and day time cloth diaper options.
  • Uninterrupted Play and Confidence: With our pull-on incontinence briefs, your child can stay active and happy all day long, free from concerns about leaks or discomfort. Expertly designed with your child's utmost comfort in mind, they can savor their favorite activities with ease and confidence. Choose the best for your child with our pull-on incontinence briefs, perfect for potty training pants and day time cloth diaper use.

Advanced Design for Comfort

Pull-on briefs with side snap system: Our pull-on underwear boasts a stretchy design for easy pull-up and pull-down convenience. No more struggles or discomfort during changes.

Built-in Rayon Booster: Inside the cloth diaper shell, you'll find a thin rayon booster, designed to absorb small leaks and dribbles, keeping your child feeling dry and confident.

Snap-in Insert for Extra Protection: For superior leak protection, use the included Snap-in Insert. It's a game-changer for managing incontinence effectively.

Our Pull-on Briefs are perfect for

  • Overactive Bladder
  • Bedwetting
  • Enuresis
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Diarrhea and Bowel Incontinence

Versatile Use

Our diaper system is not limited to one type of insert. It's compatible with reusable inserts, disposable pads, and other incontinence products (sold separately), ensuring you have options that suit your needs.

Each set includes

1 Pull-on Diaper Brief
1 Snap-in Insert


Pull-on Diaper: outside: 100% Polyurethane Laminate (PUL); inner lining: 100% Rayon
Snap-In Insert: outside: 100% Rayon; Inside: 100% Microfiber

Simple Care Instructions

Maintaining this product is a breeze. Simply dispose of solids in the toilet and store the diaper in a dry pail until ready to wash. Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying on low/medium heat (maximum 90°F). Please avoid boiling, bleaching, or using fabric softeners. To keep your child's skin rash-free, we recommend using a liner with rash creams.

Quality You Can Trust

Designed in the USA and crafted in China, our cloth diaper system is the perfect choice for parents looking to provide the best for their special needs child. Choose confidence and convenience with our pull-on diaper briefs, designed to make every day a good day.


Tailored incontinence protection for kids aged 6-16 with special needs, our pull-on briefs offer dependable care. The easy side snaps, added absorbency with the Snap-in Insert, and an earth-friendly, machine-washable design make them the ideal choice for active, confident kids during potty training and day-time diaper use.

Please be aware that this diaper is not meant for nighttime use. To enhance absorbency during the night, you can include our separately sold Fitted Diaper in this set, ensuring your child stays comfortably dry.


Ensure optimal comfort and protection by effortlessly sliding the pull-on incontinence brief onto your child and securing it with the convenient side snap system. For enhanced absorbency, attach the Snap-in Insert if needed. After use, opt for an earth-friendly and cost-effective solution by machine-washing the briefs. Specifically crafted for kids aged 6-16 with special needs, our pull-on diaper briefs offer worry-free confidence and comfort.

Elevate your child's well-being with the fusion of cutting-edge technology and premium materials. Choose confidence and comfort – make every day a good day.

30 Reviews

  • 5
    They work well

    Published by Tyler M. on Jun 14th 2024

    They work really great and fit my son well. Much better than disposables. He says they’re comfy.

  • 5
    Very Cute and comfy!

    Published by Jorge on May 25th 2024

    These are so nice to wear over my diaper and pleasant to look at. GREAT FIT. Keeps diaper leaks contained within. I'm an adult and these fit better than other bulky adult ones.

  • 4
    Good fit but slightly bulky

    Published by Michael R. on Apr 20th 2024

    They fit my daughter well but are a bit bulkier than expected. Still, they work great for nighttime. She sleeps better and that's what matters most.

  • 5
    Perfect for 10yr old

    Published by Jac M on Mar 16th 2024

    My 10yr old loves that he has something more comfortable than the plastic paper pull ups. Fits well and he is happy.

  • 3
    Decent but not perfect

    Published by Peter D. on Mar 10th 2024

    They fit well but still have occasional leaks. Better than most, but not perfect. Could use some improvements in the design.

  • 4
    Good but could be better

    Published by Steven C. on Mar 5th 2024

    They’re good but could use some improvements. Still, they’re better than most other products we’ve tried. Happy overall, just wish they were a bit cheaper.

  • 5
    Great for travel

    Published by Laura J. on Feb 19th 2024

    These are perfect for travel. My daughter stays dry, and they are easy to pack and use. No more worrying about accidents on the road.

  • 4
    They don't leak

    Published by Mike on Feb 9th 2024

    These fit better than most pocket diapers I have tried. The only thing I don’t like about them is the buttons on the side irritate my skin a little bit.

  • 5
    Great as covers for pullups

    Published by Carolina on Feb 6th 2024

    Use these for my 12-year-old that still bed wets. At that age there's a lot more urine and the goodnites pullups alone, while good, leak through. So we use these as a pullup cover, along with a dino pad underneath and a mattress protector. This setup has been super helpful.

  • 5
    Great for bedwetting

    Published by Grace H. on Jan 26th 2024

    These are great for bedwetting. My daughter feels confident and comfortable wearing them. It’s been a game changer for our family.

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