Baby and Kids Rayon Snap-in Inserts for Cloth Diapers, 3-pack

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Rayon Snap-in Inserts for Cloth Diapers

  • Unmatched Leak Protection: Bid farewell to inconvenient leaks with our Rayon Snap-in Inserts for reusable cloth diapers. These inserts are designed to provide superior absorbency, ensuring you can confidently tackle any leak.
  • Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin: Say goodbye to diaper rash concerns. Our Rayon material is the ideal choice for delicate skin, offering a soft and irritation-free experience that brings peace of mind to parents with babies prone to skin sensitivities. Experience fewer skin rashes thanks to the breathability and unique properties of Rayon.
  • Secure, No-Fuss Diaper Boosters: Eliminate the frustration of shifting inserts! Our intelligent snap system guarantees a snug and reliable fit to your diaper cover, putting an end to the annoyance of constantly adjusting bunched-up inserts.
  • Perfect Compatibility with EcoAble Products: Simplify your diapering routine by choosing inserts that are custom-made for EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diapers and EcoAble Diaper Covers (available separately). Enjoy a seamless solution without the hassle of hunting for compatible accessories. Plus, these inserts also work seamlessly with many other cloth diaper brands.
  • Budget-Conscious and Reusable: Embrace a more budget-friendly choice with our reusable inserts. These inserts are your go-to solution for a sustainable and cost-effective diapering experience, allowing you to make an responsible choice without breaking the bank.

Elevate your potty training journey with our Rayon Snap-in Inserts, designed to make the process a breeze. Crafted from sumptuously soft rayon terry material, these inserts provide a superior level of comfort, keeping your child cool and content, even on scorching summer days.

But our Rayon Snap-in Inserts offer much more than mere practicality; they are a smart choice for your child's comfort and successful potty training. Rayon, known for its natural temperature-regulating properties, ensures that your little one stays comfortable while staying aware of accidents, which is key for speedy potty training.

Plus, they are incredibly versatile, featuring a single snap for secure attachment to the EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper or EcoAble Diaper Cover (sold separately), and they work seamlessly with various other baby cloth diaper brands. No more worries about shifting or bunching up – simply attach the insert to the diaper shell with the snap or tuck it inside the pocket opening.

Materials: outside: 100% Rayon; Inside: 100% Microfiber

Size 2: 13 x 5 inches
Size 3: 16 x 5 inches

Upgrade your child's diapering experience with our Cloth Diaper Snap-in Inserts, ensuring both style and functionality for a smooth potty training journey. Make the transition to accident-awareness an easy and comfortable one with our premium inserts.


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