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Baby Heavy Duty Diaper Cover with Leg Gussets

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Reusable Waterproof Diaper Cover Shell: for Baby Prefold Cloth Diapers, Flats or Inserts

  • EASY: Reusable cloth diaper covers are very simple, just add absorbent layer and snap on the baby
  • FUNCTIONAL: All in two diaper cover works with most fitted diapers, inserts, flatfold prefolds and flats
  • ADJUSTABLE: Resize waist and rise with snap buttons for perfect fit every time
  • LEAK PROOF: Waterproof cover features gentle elastics and double leg gussets for extra protection from blowouts
  • ECONOMICAL: Use diaper shell 3-4 times before washing (unless soiled), wipe clean between uses and replace inserts

Reusable cloth diapers are nothing like old fashion rubber pants for babies! Modern diaper covers are made of waterproof PUL material - it's soft, breathable and very comfortable for your baby and active toddler.

Diaper cover provides waterproof layer and can be used with inserts, prefolds, flats or fitted diapers (sold separately). No pins, fasteners or other accessories required! Simply place absorbent layers inside the diaper shell, wrap around baby's bottom and secure with snap buttons.

It's best to replace liners every 2-3 hours. Reuse diaper cover if not soiled, wipe clean between uses and allow air-drying. It's the most economical diapering solution for daytime and overnight.

EcoAble diaper cover features gentle elastics and double leg gussets to protect from leaks and blowouts. Flap pockets will hold birdseye prefolds, cotton prefolded flats and various inserts.

Hybrid diaper cover can be converted to Ai2 system when combined with EcoAble Snap-in Bamboo Insert (sold separately).

ONE SIZE: Fits most kids from birth to potty training (approximately 10 to 35 pounds). Washable cloth diapers make ideal gift for newborn baby girls and boys.

MATERIALS: 100% PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)

CARE: Knock or spray solids into toilet; store in dry pail only. Machine washable and dryable. Max. water temperature 95F. No bleach. No softeners. Do not boil. Use liner with rash creams. Visit EcoAble Portal for more care instructions and troubleshooting.

SAFE: EcoAble Cloth Diapers are tested and certified in compliance with the US CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) rules and regulations.

Designed in USA, made in China


Double Gusset is a Winner! Prefolds all the way!
Posted Aug 21st 2023 by Adriana

Absolutely loving these shells! They outshine the stuffable cloth diapers by a mile. The double gusset feature is genius – no more leaks compared to those pocketed ones. The comics are a hit, and the price is right. The reusability of the prefold shells is a game changer; a quick wipe and they're good to go again. These shells are durable too – been using mine for 3 months with no signs of wear. Highly recommend, definitely my go-to choice!

Posted May 10th 2021 by Kim

We have tried a few overnight options and this is by far the best! My little one is finally waking up dry. I think the double leg gussets and large cover are the key!

Leaky Covers
Posted Nov 24th 2020 by Cierra Larson

I loved the fitted night diapers I got, so I got more and then invested in these covers for night time. Last night he wore them for the first time, and completely soaked his outfit/ sleep sack/ and bed sheets. And it bad barley been 4 hours. The issue wasn’t a failure of the fitted, but a failure of the cover. The fitted was getting wet- as it should- and then was soaking the inner flap of material, and that was wicking moisture all over the outside of the cover. I’m super disappointed, I was really excited for these. Clearly they aren’t working as I expected. The designs are cute. And they seem well made as far as the sizing and snaps. But there was also a lot of lose thread ends I needed to they as they were hanging from the diaper in several spots. Pretty upset to be honest.

Baby Heavy Duty Diaper Cover with Leg Gussets
Posted Oct 22nd 2020 by Samantha

These are great! We never had an issue with overnight leakage. The double gussets are a great feature. Even when our 10 month old baby sleeps through the night without a change, we never worry about the diaper not being secure. It's easy to clean and dries quickly as well. Ecoable is a great, quality brand and one of the few we've come across with double gussets plus charcoal lining on their AIO and hybrids.

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Baby Heavy Duty Diaper Cover with Leg Gussets
Baby Heavy Duty Diaper Cover with Leg Gussets
Baby Heavy Duty Diaper Cover with Leg Gussets