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Baby Sleeveless Wearable Blanket, 100% Organic Cotton Fleece FINAL SALE

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  • 100% Organic Cotton. Made in Germany.
  • Plush sleep sack is made of soft organic cotton fleece and keeps your baby warm and comfortable.
  • Cotton fleece sleeping bag naturally regulates body temperature leading to a better night’s sleep.
  • Baby wearable blanket features front zip for easy diaper changes.
  • Ideal knitted sleeping bag for kids with sensitive or eczema prone skin.
  • For parents who want the very best. Made in Germany using premium fabric and superior workmanship.

Wearable blanket is breathable, preventing infants from overheating. Safe sleeping bag for babies and toddlers to use in cribs and strollers.

Sleeveless baby sleep sacks made of 100% organic cotton fleece.

Wearable sleeping bag features front zipper, which makes diaper changes easy without removing the bag from your child.

Excellent organic sleeping bag for kids with sensitive or eczema prone skin. Made of purest natural materials.

SIZE: European size corresponds to child's height in centimeters. Age suggestions are estimated and may vary.
EU50-56 | height 19-22 inches | 0-3 months
EU62-68 | height 24-27 inches | 3-6 months
EU74-80 | height 29-31 inches | 6-12 months
EU86-92 | height 34-36 inches | 12-18 months
EU98-104 | height 38-41 inches | 18-24 months

MATERIALS: 100% Organic Cotton

Made in Germany

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