Baby Thermal Cardigan Sweater, 100% Merino Wool, Boys and Girls Sizes 0-24 months

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Disana Merino Wool Baby Cardigan Sweater

  • Disana baby merino wool top is essential thermal layer for boys and girls
  • Kids thermal cardigan can be worn alone or combined with undershirt
  • Thermal wear made of merino wool fibers absorbs moisture and remain warm even when wet
  • Merino wool naturally regulates body temperature so your child won’t overheat or get cold
  • Lightweight wool sweater is soothingly soft and allergy safe, perfect for child’s sensitive skin

You will hardly find anything to keep your baby warmer than knitted merino wool thermal base layers. Merino wool is ideal fabric for toddlers and kids due to its natural ability to regulate body temperature. Breathable wool knit cardigan will keep your child toasty and comfortable on cooler days.

Baby organic merino wool top features long sleeves and large tagua nut buttons. Warm thermal sweater is perfect for everyday wear. Excellent organic cardigan for children with sensitive or eczema prone skin. Made of purest hypoallergenic materials, no toxic coloring, no pesticides, no insecticide, and no fire retardants.

Choose gender neutral clothes from beautiful color choices for girls and boys.

SIZE: European size corresponds to kid's full height in centimeters. Age is estimated and may vary. Check Size Chart in photos for more details.
EU 50-56 cm | 19-22 inches | 0-3 months
EU 62-68 cm | 24-27 inches | 3-6 months
EU 74-80 cm | 29-31 inches | 6-12 months
EU 86-92 cm | 34-36 inches | 1-2 years
EU 98-104 cm | 38-41 inches | 2-3 years

Materials: 100% Organic Merino Wool (GOTS certified).

CARE: Unlike other fibers, wool is odor resistant, meaning you can wear wool clothes multiple times before washing them. A good airing out or spot-clean may be all you need for several wearings. Hand wash recommended with detergent for wool. Do not rub. Rinse with plenty of water. It is important, that rinsing and washing water have the same temperature. After rinsing wrap up the laundry in a towel, squeeze it and gently stretch it into shape. Air dry flat.

Wool care instructions are available here.

Made in Germany

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Disana Merino Wool Baby Cardigan Sweater
Disana Merino Wool Baby Cardigan Sweater
Disana Merino Wool Baby Cardigan Sweater
Disana Merino Wool Baby Cardigan Sweater
Disana Merino Wool Baby Cardigan Sweater