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30 Celebrities and Stars that use Cloth Diapers

30 Celebrities and Stars that use Cloth Diapers

Have you ever wondered if there are celebrities, stars, actors and actresses that use cloth diapers on their children? There are many! Here are 35 famous stars that use cloth diapers:

1. Christina Aguilera (Singer)

2. Pamela Anderson (Actress)

3. Lance Armstrong (Cyclist)

4. Scott Baio (Actor)

5. Halle Berry (Actress)

6. Sheryl Crow (Singer)

7. Matt Damon (Actor/Writer)

8. Celine Dion (Singer)

9. Michael J. Fox (Actor)

10. Kevin Frazier (Fox Sports Net)

11. Jennifer Garner (Actress)

12. Melissa Joan Hart (Actress)

13. Salma Hayek (Actress)

14. Katie Holmes (Actress)

15. Faith Hill (Singer)

16. Tim Mcgraw (Singer)

17. Heidi Klum (Model)

18. Madonna (Singer)

19. Dave Matthews (Singer)

20. Alyssa Milano (Actress)

21. Demi Moore (Actress)

22. Matthew McConaughey (Actor)

23. Sarah Jessica Parker (Actress)

24. Brad Pitt (Actor)

25. Julia Roberts (Actress)

26. Tori Spelling (Actress)

27. Gwen Stefani (Singer)

28. Usher (Singer)

29. John Travolta (Actor)

30. Hilary Swank (Actress)

As you see, there are many celebrities who choose cloth diapers for their children.

We hope you liked this post, and feel free to comment and tell us who your favorite cloth diapering celebrity is.