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Convenience of One Size Cloth Diapers for Families With Multiple Children

One-Size Cloth Diapers are a great option for families that have two or more children in diapers. There are several reasons why, and the main one being because neither will grow out of the One-Size Cloth Diapers at any age. Beyond that, there are many other reasons why it makes cloth diapering more than one child at a time super easy and cost effective. So, what else makes it so convenient?

Reusing One-Size Cloth Diapers over and over

Because One-Size Cloth Diapers have the adjustable waist, legs and rise, it will fit your baby from approximately 8-35lbs. This means you'll only need those One-Size Cloth Diapers for both/all children for all stages through newborn to toddler and potty training.

Cloth Diapering on the go Just got easier

Now that you have multiple children with you on the go that need to have a diaper changed, all the One-Size Cloth Diapers in your diaper bag will be able to fit onto each child snug and comfortable. This goes for long car rides, quick trips to the store, vacations, family events, and more.

Babysitters/ Daycare won’t be confused

Using One-Size Cloth Diapers are simple, very teachable and manageable for someone who isn't usually familiar with cloth diapers. With the all in one cloth diapers, the babysitter or daycare worker will be able to use all the same diapers in all in one style for all of your children.

Very Economical

Since all of your children, at all ages will be able to use the One-Size Cloth Diapers, it is one simple easy investment. Because you won't need to add other sizes to your cloth diaper stash this will save you tons of money.

After all of your children grow out of the One-Size diapers and you are ready to sell them, it’s much easier to sell because of the all in one style being able to fit basically any child with a family looking for used cloth diapers.

Makes laundry easier

With One-Size Cloth Diapers there will be much less sorting. When using cloth diaper pails you can simply mix them together, wash them together and dry them together. When putting away your clean cloth diapers you can evenly sort the One-Size Cloth Diapers for each child- or store them all together and grab a clean diaper for each child as needed.

So, How many One-Size Cloth Diapers will you need per child?

The next step would be deciding how many One-Size Cloth Diapers would be enough to fully cloth diaper each child. Generally, this can depend on age and how much your child wets their diaper. We suggest a stash of about 20- 25 diapers per child to be able to spread out laundry for every 2 days or so.

One-Size Cloth Diapers are a great way to save money diapering multiple children.

Do you have a favorite One-Size Cloth Diaper? I'd love to hear about it, so feel free to sound off below!