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EcoAble 2.0 Adult Cloth Diapers - What's the Difference?

What's the difference between old and new EcoAble 2.0 cloth diapers for adults?

We are so excited to introduce new updated cloth diaper styles for adults! We have listened to your feedback and corrected a few design flaws as well as added some futures that were highly desired.

Here is a summary of the updates that we have introduced with the new 2.0 release.


We now will be using generic size names to make it easier to understand (Small, Medium, Large). The new size range has been expanded to accommodate larger adults.

Please keep in mind that size Small does not equal size Youth, and size Medium does not equal size Regular, and so on. Discontinued style sizes fit hips from 22 inches up to 52 inches, while new 2.0 style sizes fit hips from 26 inches up to 60 inches.

Below is a Size Chart table for 2.0 styles.


In the past, you could only wear the Pocket Diaper over the Fitted Diaper for your nighttime needs. Some of you experienced difficulties fitting Pocket Diaper over the Fitted due to added bulk. We took care of this issue by expanding the sizes and now all 3 diaper styles (Pocket Diaper, Diaper Cover, and Pull-on) can fit over the Fitteds with ease. This gives you more flexibility with the diapering options and possibilities for mixing and matching accessories to meet your special needs.

EcoAble Adult Cloth Diaper with Fitted for Nighttime Incontinence

Diaper Cover 2.0

Adult Diaper Covers 2.0 have been redesigned to provide more coverage all around. There are now 3 rows of snaps on the front tabs. You also will notice more coverage on the sides.

The overall size has been expanded for a more comfortable fit. The old versions fit hips from 22 to 50 inches, while the new 2.0 version provides fit from 26 up to 55 inches. Rise length on old-style started at 19 and up to 35 inches. The new 2.0 style has a rise length from 23 to 38 inches.


Pull-on Diaper 2.0

Pull-on Diapers 2.0 also went through some modifications. We now added a pocket opening, so you can place the inserts inside and minimize shifting and bunching. The leg gussets are also lined with bamboo fleece for extra comfort.

The overall size has been updated as well. The hip circumference for discontinued style ranged from 28 up to 52 inches, and the rise length from 19 up to 35 inches. New 2.0 style hip circumference ranges from 34 up to 60 inches, and rise length from 21 up to 35 inches. 


Pocket Diaper 2.0

Pocket Diaper 2.0 didn't go through any design modifications except the overall size. The old versions fit hips from 22 to 46 inches, while the new 2.0 version provides fit from 26 up to 55 inches. Rise length on old-style started at 19 and up to 33 inches. The New 2.0 style has a rise length from 23 to 38 inches.

Your feedback is important!

All these benefits were added because you shared your experiences and suggestions for product improvements. We appreciate your critique and kind words. It means so much to us! We will continue to improve and bring more innovation to make your life more comfortable. If you'd like to share your feedback or have more questions, please contact us.