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How much extra laundry does cloth diapering add?

How much extra laundry does cloth diapering add

Are you wondering how much extra laundry it will create each week if you are cloth diapering your baby?

Here is a super easy break down of how much it really adds on a weekly basis.

Your little one will use around 8-12 diapers per day depending on their age, and how much of a heavy wetter they are.

Wet cloth diaper can go straight to the cloth diaper pail. Poopy diaper will need some extra work: remove solid waste, rinse diaper thoroughly and gently wring out excess water before placing into the cloth diaper pail.

Plan 2-3 laundry days during the week - it mostly depends how many cloth diapers you have in your stash. Make sure that dirty diapers don't stay in the cloth diaper pail for longer than 2-3 days.

It's convenient to have laundry times during the evening, after the end of the day- give yourself enough time to complete the laundry process. Including rinsing, washing and fully drying, then storing for next day's use.

If you start your work week on Monday, make Sunday one of your laundry days. This way you will have fresh clean diapers for the beginning of the week.

This is a simple breakdown, you choose what days are laundry days. Just be sure to properly store your dirty cloth diapers- and never let them sit more than 2-3 days total.

All in all, cloth diaper laundry will add about 2-3 loads a week.

Are you cloth diapering parent? Comment below with your laundry routine tips.