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How to get your husband on board with cloth diapers

Tell him about the cloth diapers

Tell him about the cloth diapers, talk about the different styles and sizing for the reusable diapers. Tell him there are many options such as All In One cloth diapers, all in two cloth diapers, pocket diapers, one size cloth diapers, fitted cloth diapers and many other styles. Tell him why you think cloth diapers would work great for you and your family.

Discuss how cloth diapers save money

We all know that cloth diapers save us money, because they are reusable. Not only can cloth diapers be used on your first child- but several children can also use the cloth diapers you have supplied for one child. Everyone one loves to save money, right? Show him how MUCH you can save. This comparison is without including accessories you may want for both disposable baby diapers, and reusable diapers. Here's how:

(based on average costs)


1 pack of disposable diapers/ per month: $20.00

2 years of using diapers:

Total Cost = About $500.00 (Per child.)


20 ecoAble All In One cloth diapers: $240.00

(To be used on many children.)

Never have to run to the store

One of the best parts about using reusable diapers. No running out to the store to buy a pack of expensive disposable diapers. Husbands will love this, seeing that they will never have to run out to the store for diapers again.

Show him the Cloth Diapers

Purchase a few cloth diapers and show him how they work. Show him that doing diaper laundry isn't fun- but neither is cleaning any diaper. Show him cloth diapers are not hard to care for, clean or wash. Show him how cute your little one is in their cloth. Show him prints and styles and get him on board.

Discuss the Comfort and effectiveness

Show him how soft they are for your little one. Bamboo diapers and cloth diaper inserts are super soft for baby's skin, but they also absorb amazingly. They wick away moisture from baby's delicate skin and work just as well (if not better.) at keeping baby dry in their diaper.

Tell him he will have less trash on trash day

Less disposables = less trash bags and garbage for him on garbage day. It takes THOUSANDS of years to compost a disposable diaper (crazy, right.?) But it's true. Cloth diapering will add less garbage on garbage day, and less disposable diapers stacking up in land fills.

Talk about Environment/ Health

There are tons of great resources that provide information on harmful or dangerous chemicals found in some brands of baby disposable diapers. You can read more here "Disposable or Reusable Diapers?". Making the switch to cloth is better for babies soft and delicate skin and great for the environment.

Comment below and let us know how you got your significant other on board with cloth diapering.