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Fitted Cloth Diaper for Special Needs Adults

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EcoAble Reusable Adult Cloth Diapers: Total Confidence and Comfort

EcoAble's versatile incontinence solutions offer eco-friendly comfort and reliable protection for adults facing urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, bedwetting, enuresis, or unique fetish abdl preferences.

  • Unparalleled Comfort and Confidence: Reclaim your comfort and confidence with our specially designed cloth diapers. Tailored for special needs adults dealing with urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, bedwetting, enuresis, or unique preferences like fetish or abdl lifestyles. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to worry-free days!
  • Stay Dry, Odor-Free, and Rash-Free: Enjoy 24/7 dry, comfortable days without irritation or odor concerns. Crafted from a blend of rayon made from bamboo and cotton, our incontinence briefs offer natural odor control, keeping you fresh and confident. Elevate your comfort with moisture-wicking technology, breathable materials, and reduced diaper rashes. It's time to experience true comfort and odor-free confidence!
  • Versatile Comfort from Day to Night: Our Fitted Diaper is your all-day solution. Ideal for daytime use with adaptable absorbency, and when nighttime protection is a must, simply pair it with our Snap-In Insert for the ultimate absorbency and security. Please note, this fitted diaper is not waterproof, so complete your protection with our EcoAble Pocket Diaper Briefs 2.0. Check the product listing description for included accessories. Uncover the versatility you've been searching for!
  • Perfect, Customizable Fit: Say goodbye to ill-fitting diapers! EcoAble's incontinence briefs feature adjustable hip tabs, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit every time. Move with unwavering confidence throughout the day, knowing your protection is secure. Embrace a personalized fit that suits your needs perfectly.
  • Silent and Discreet: Tired of discomfort and embarrassment? Experience unparalleled comfort and confidence with EcoAble's premium cloth diapers for adults. Bid farewell to noisy and uncomfortable incontinence supplies. Our high-quality reusable diapers are engineered with cutting-edge materials to remain silent even with movement. It's time to enjoy peace and quiet with the protection you deserve.

Day and Night Protection in One Diaper:
Our Fitted Diaper is your versatile solution, providing comfort and security throughout the day. It's perfect for daytime use, offering reliable protection for light to moderate incontinence. When you need nighttime confidence, just combine it with our Snap-In Insert for maximum absorbency and security. Please keep in mind that this fitted diaper isn't waterproof, so ensure complete protection with our EcoAble Pocket Diaper Briefs 2.0. Say farewell to concerns about nighttime leaks and embrace a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Skin-Friendly and Odor-Reducing:
Experience fewer skin rashes, exceptional comfort, and reduced leaks with our soft rayon from bamboo fleece lining, known for its moisture-wicking and odor-reducing properties.

Silent and Discreet:
EcoAble's premium cloth diapers for adults offer a noise-free, comfortable, and discreet solution. Enjoy peace and quiet without compromising on protection.

How to Use:
Choose the right size based on your Hip Circumference, using the Size Chart in the product photos. Then, wrap the fitted diaper around your body and secure it with the hip tabs.
The fitted diaper provides light to medium incontinence absorbency. To enhance absorbency for heavy situations, add the Snap-In Insert.
Remember that the fitted diaper is not waterproof. To ensure complete protection, add the waterproof cover on the outside.

Outside 70% Rayon / 30% Cotton; Inside 100% Rayon

What's Included:
1 x Fitted Diaper

Order now for ultimate protection and confidence. Don't let incontinence hold you back – make the switch today.

Cloth Diaper
Posted Jan 11th 2024 by Zephaniah

As an individual who has suffered with bladder and bowel issues my whole life, it's been hard to find the right products that are also not too bulky or obvious. This product does just that! I enjoy these cloth diapers, and I also enjoy the pattern of the shells. I will definitely be buying more.

Fitted Cloth Diaper for Adults
Posted Dec 1st 2022 by JoeAK

This diaper guarantees a comfortable nights sleep. It’s super soft, comfortable fitting, highly absorbent, quality diaper. I came back to EcoAble for a third purchase. A bedwetter as a kid, small leaks in my twenties and then found myself with occasional nighttime issues again in my forties. Now at 60, protection and convenience matters. I’m 175 lbs. and first purchased one in size large for nighttime, and then another medium sized for a more form fitting day time use. Both fit comfortably well and give me the protection level needed. Just purchased the 2.0 diaper cover. So thankful that ecoAble was thinking of needs for adults.

Good innovation
Posted Jan 19th 2022 by Annette Kinne

Have used Ecoable incontinence products for my son for the last 3 to 4 years and these adult cloth diapers are a great innovation. Very soft and comfortable and combined with the clipin bamboo inserts and prefolds covered by the waterproof briefs gives maximum protection. Would highly recommend.

Cloth Diaper
Posted Jun 19th 2021 by Roman

The absorbency is great. They fit well if you get the right size.(I did not) The diaper is soft.

All in one fitted diapers
Posted May 17th 2021 by Hyde

This is a great overnight diaper very soft and comfortableIt’s great for people who have minor incontinence

Youth fitted
Posted Apr 22nd 2021 by Marisela

I love this fitted it Fits my 40lb toddler on the smallest setting & gets huge on the biggest rise & will last years & years

Soft and Comfortable
Posted Apr 7th 2021 by Sky

As an over the road truck driver, suffering from, overactive bladder, unable to take some of the medication my doctor wanted to give me, diapers were the next best option, but wanted to be eco friendly. The fitted cloth diaper with a diaper cover have been a real life and career saver.

Love the feeling
Posted Feb 20th 2021 by Toddt

Best cloth diapers for bed wetting and daily incontinence issues,. These diapers hold a lot work well with the covers. I will be back

Fitted Cloth Diaper
Posted Nov 3rd 2020 by john

Love the way they feel and work. Been dealing with incontinence for 16 yrs best adult cloth diaper i have found and i have tried a lot of them. They need to make a snap on diaper cover that covers the whole fitted diaper the one they make now doesnt work but these are great and one thing at a time. Until then plastic pants work for now.

The best!
Posted Sep 21st 2020 by Sarah Patenaude

The fitted diaper takes your already excellent experience with these cloth diapers, to a new level of awesome! The fitted combined with the trifold bamboo insert is the best of the best. Can even be used overnight with heavy wettest. Just extreme in its awesomeness. Long car rides, a day out with the family; now you have no problem. Highly recommended. They are soft and truly provide an excellent fit for bigger kids who don’t yet fit into the adult sized diapers. Even fits the skinniest of kiddos. I know! There is no diaper or company out there like Ecoable!

Best Cloth Yet!
Posted Jun 9th 2020 by Mark

Not my first purchase from Ecoable, but my best so far. I've used the bamboo liners with the various shells from here. I've also used regular prefolds from other companies. Although they worked great, you have the bunching in the crotch, the fastening issues, etc. These are form fitting, adapt with the snap-in liners I already have, and if that's not enough, I just add a layer for maximum absorption capability. ABDL friendly company is great to work with!

really nice pants.
Posted May 24th 2020 by Evan Murphy

You don't have to worry about pins or, for the most part, sizing. Just size close and the snaps finish it up.

Ecoable fitted diapers
Posted Mar 6th 2020 by Robert

These diapers are AMAZING. I've been incontinent and in diapers for 9 years, and I'm constantly on the search for better ways to manage my incontinence. I tried traditional cloth as a cost saving measure but hated how hard they were to put on with pins and how they did not keep urine from the skin. This diaper solves both those problems. After I bought and tried one within a day I ordered 4 more. I love these and cant wait until I can afford to buy more. Thanks Ecoable!!!!!!!

Ecoable Fitted Cloth Diaper
Posted Sep 18th 2019 by FistianEm

This diaper has become my all time favorite! I absolutely love the cotton/bamboo fabric used on the outer shell of this diaper. I hope future versions of your pull-on-cloth-diaper-with-tabs will be offered with the same outer shell material.

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EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids
EcoAble - Adult Fitted Cloth Diaper: Washable Incontinence Special Needs Diaper for Women, Men and Big Kids