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Newborn Baby Wearable Blanket Sleeping Bag, 100% Organic Merino Wool Fleece, 0-6 Months

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Newborn Baby Wearable Bag

  • Winter baby sleep sack is soothingly soft, warm and lightweight for most comfort
  • Merino wool sleeping bag naturally regulates body temperature leading to a better night’s sleep
  • Thick and lightweight wool pouch is perfect for babies who don’t like swaddling
  • Gentle waistband unfolds to cover belly and back up to armpits
  • Ideal sleeping bag for babies and toddlers with sensitive or eczema prone skin

Wearable thermal blanket will keep your baby warm and comfortable on colder days. Soft wool blanket provides feeling of closeness and safety, making it the perfect accessory for newborn babies.

Merino wool blanket pouch is perfect for receiving, lounging at home and staying cozy outdoors when there's a cool chill throughout any season.

Cold weather blanket is made of non-scratchy merino wool. Pure wool is a natural body temperature regulator and very breathable - ideal for your precious baby's comfort.

Warm blanket for winter is made of purest hypoallergenic materials, no toxic coloring, no pesticides, no insecticide, and no flame retardants.

Unisex Baby Wearable Blanket |100% Organic Merino Wool Fleece (GOTS Certified)
One size - will fit infants up to 4-6 months of age.
Measurements: pouch length - 16 inches; waistband length - 6,5 inches.

Care: Unlike other fibers, wool is odor resistant, meaning you can use wool garments multiple times before you wash them. A good airing out or spot-clean may be all you need for several wearings. Hand wash recommended with detergent for wool. Do not rub. Rinse with plenty of water. It is important, that rinsing and washing water have the same temperature. After rinsing wrap up the laundry in a towel, squeeze it and gently stretch it into shape. Air dry flat.

Made in Germany


It's Perfect!
Posted Dec 10th 2022 by Jessica

This is exactly what we needed for our 7-week-old who hates swaddling! It's easy to put on, has a nice stretchy waistband, and regulates her temperature perfectly. She is never cold nor sweaty when we take her out of this sleeping bag. We even use our Nanit breathing band over the waistband as well and it works perfectly. Another thing I love about this is that it stays under the armpits, so there's no risk of it scooting up over her face as baby moves around the way other sleep sacks do. 10/10 would recommend!

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ENGEL - Newborn Baby Wearable Blanket Sleeping Bag, 100% Organic Merino Wool Fleece, 0-6 Months