Video Review: EcoAble Pail Liner by Jessica DeGraff

Jun 18th 2018

Have you figured how to store soiled cloth diapers until you are ready to wash them? The best solution is a diaper pail – it keeps cloth diapers out of sight and contains odors.You can use simple 13 gallon trash can for your diaper pail. We recomm...
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Why Use Pail Liner for Cloth Diapers?

Mar 13th 2015

Cloth diapers, unlike the conventional, disposable diapers aren't just tossed out in the trash after being used. Until you have accumulated a day’s worth of cloth diapers to launder, they need a place to be stored. Most parents choose...
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Video Review: Large Pail Liner for Cloth Diapers

Jan 9th 2015

FEATURES:~ Keeps your cloth diaper pail clean. ~ Washable and reusable - save money and waste.~ Water resistant Cloth Diaper Pail Liner is an eco-friendly option for storing cloth diapers, wet swim suits and dirty laundry.~ Generously sized - approxi...
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