Cloth Diaper Cover 2.0 Day & Night Set for Special Needs Adults

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Experience Total Confidence with EcoAble's Reusable Adult Cloth Diapers

Say goodbye to discomfort and embarrassment with EcoAble's Reusable Adult Cloth Diapers. Our innovative solution is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort, discretion, and cost savings.

  • Silent, Discreet, and Waterproof: No more uncomfortable and noisy incontinence supplies. EcoAble's premium cloth diapers for adults are designed for silent movement and feature a unique waterproof barrier, ensuring both comfort and discretion.
  • Perfect, Customizable Fit: Achieve a snug and secure fit every time with adjustable hip tabs. Move with confidence throughout the day, knowing your protection is reliable.
  • Customizable Absorbency, Day or Night: Our versatile cloth diaper system is designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're dealing with light leaks during the day or require maximum protection at night, we've got you covered. Use the Waterproof Diaper Cover Briefs and Snap-in Insert for daytime confidence, and for extra absorbency during the night, include the Fitted Diaper Briefs. Say goodbye to worries about nighttime leaks and hello to uninterrupted, peaceful sleep.
  • Skin-Friendly and Odor-Reducing: Experience fewer skin rashes, exceptional comfort, and reduced leaks with our soft rayon from bamboo fleece lining, known for its moisture-wicking and odor-reducing properties.
  • Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Solution: Save money in the long run while reducing your environmental impact. EcoAble's reusable incontinence briefs offer a sustainable alternative to disposable supplies, delivering both budgetary and environmental benefits.

Indications: EcoAble's adaptable incontinence supplies cater to a variety of needs, offering discreet, comfortable, and eco-friendly solutions for adults facing urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, bedwetting, enuresis, or even unique preferences like fetish or abdl lifestyles. Adjustable sizing and customizable absorbency options ensure reliable protection, regardless of the level of support you need.

How to Use:

  1. Use the Size Chart in the product photos to select the right size based on your Hip Circumference.
  2. Wrap the cloth diaper briefs around your body, fasten the hip tabs, and adjust the rise length.
  3. Briefs offer light incontinence protection as a waterproof barrier. To increase absorbency for moderate incontinence, add a Snap-In Insert. For heavy incontinence, use an additional Prefold Booster Pad. Attach the Snap-in Insert to either the Diaper Cover Briefs or Fitted Diaper Brief, with the Diaper Cover Briefs on the outside for waterproof protection and the Fitted Diaper Brief underneath for absorbency.

Why Choose EcoAble?

  • Maximum Comfort: Our innovative Diaper Cover design offers unparalleled comfort and flexibility, addressing a wide range of incontinence issues.
  • Silent and Discreet: Unlike disposable diapers, our high-quality materials remain discreet and comfortable, ensuring you can move around confidently.
  • All-Inclusive Protection: EcoAble's system includes waterproof Diaper Cover Briefs designed to handle various incontinence challenges.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Join the eco-conscious movement by embracing a reusable, environmentally-friendly cloth diaper system designed for individuals facing different types of incontinence.

What's Included:

1 x Diaper Cover Briefs 2.0
1 x Snap-in Insert
1 x Fitted Diaper


Diaper Cover Briefs 2.0: 100% Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)
Snap-in Insert: Outside: 100% Rayon from Bamboo; Inside: 100% Microfiber
Fitted Diaper: Outside 70% Rayon from Bamboo / 30% Cotton; Inside 100% Rayon from Bamboo

Compatible with:
Snap-in Inserts
Prefold Booster Pads
Fitted Diapers

Order now to experience the ultimate protection and comfort with EcoAble. Take control of your life and enjoy newfound confidence, comfort, and savings! Don't let incontinence hold you back – make the switch today.

Additional Details

EcoAble: Your Incontinence Solution:
EcoAble adaptable incontinence supplies for adults - discreet, comfortable, and eco-friendly solutions for urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, bedwetting, enuresis, and unique preferences like fetish or abdl lifestyles.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Cloth Diaper Cover 2.0 Day & Night Set

    Published by red on Mar 30th 2024

    these are great. not as bulky as expected. still hold plenty. could see others needing to add layers though. inside is very comfortable, soft and dry against skin. the double gusset is really nice. the fun prints are appreciated.

  • 5
    High quality adult diaper definitely worth the money

    Published by Isaac on Jan 4th 2024

    I'm incredibly happy with my purchase. Not only was the shipping quick and responsive, but the product is just great. The materials are high quality and definitely reflect the price. Will be buying more products in the future.

  • 5
    Cloth Diaper Cover 2.0 Day & Night Set for Special Needs Adults

    Published by James Northrupt on Sep 14th 2023

    I like these a lot. I fit into all the sizes based on need. If you're small, medium will also fit. If you're a large, medium will also fit. I'm a medium, so I get all kinds of protection, light for public, heavy for night-time. These pants are great.

  • 5
    Simply outstanding diaper cover

    Published by Rob on May 23rd 2022

    I really like my diaper covers I purchased from EcoAble. They are stylish, well made and easily cover even my traditonal cloth diapers. This saves me from having to buy costly diaper covers that are specialty made from another company. I will be a loyal customer of EcoAble for a long time. I cannot wait to be able to afford more pockets, and fitteds. All your products are simply outstanding in terms of quality and comfort.

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