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3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Training Pants or Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years

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Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper,  For Kids up to 10 Years

  • Hybrid Cloth Diaper: Waterproof 3-in-1 trainer for daytime, swimming or potty training
  • 2 Sizes: Designed to fit toddlers and special needs big kids up to 10 years
  • Adjustable Absorbency: Comes with removable bamboo diaper booster pad for extra protection
  • Easy for Parents & Kids: Side snaps and stretchy waist for simple potty training
  • Washable: Non disposable swim diaper and reusable training pants are the best choice for your child

Forget plastic potty training pants and disposable swim diapers! Reusable 3-in-1 hybrid cloth diapers are loved by parents and kids for its genius design. Side snaps help removing soiled diaper without a mess. Stretchy waist is preferred by toddlers for easy pull on and off action, just like real underwear.

It's ok if your child is not quite ready for potty training - removable bamboo diaper booster pad adds absorbency to be used just like any daytime cloth diaper.

You won't need to get another special swim diaper, 3-in-1 diaper cover is approved for use in water and pool.

How to use 3-in-1 hybrid cloth diapers:
- Daytime use: Attach Snap-in Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts.
- Swimming: Remove diaper booster pads and use cover only.
- Potty Training: Remove all inserts when your child is ready for toilet training, thin sewn-in soaker will absorb small accidents. Add Snap-in Bamboo Inserts for cloth diapers when you don’t have an opportunity to train your child (away from home, car rides).

Not recommended for night time!

Check Size Chart photo before placing your order. For best fit select size based on the Hip and Rise Length measurement. Age and Weight suggestions are estimated and may vary!
Size 2: Hips 13-23 inches | Rise Length 14-17 inches | 1 to 5 years;
Size 3: Hips 18-30 inches | Rise Length 16-20 inches | 5 to 10 years.

Additional bamboo inserts are available here: Snap-In Bamboo Booster Inserts

MATERIALS: Outside waterproof layer: 100% PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) /Inside mesh lining: 100% Polyester /Sewn-in soaker: 80% Rayon from bamboo 20% Polyester /Snap-in insert: outside 80% Rayon from bamboo 20% polyester, inside 100% microfiber.

CARE: Knock solids into toilet. Store in the dry pail only. Machine washable. Tumble dry on low/medium heat setting. Maximum temperature 90F. Do not boil, bleach or use fabric softeners. Use liner with rash creams.

Designed in USA, made responsibly in China


Great for bigger kiddos
Posted Sep 5th 2023 by Fer

We bought these for our 7 year old with special needs who is no potty trained yo use in the pool and they are amazing. They hold everything in and fit him so well. He is almost 4 feet and 57 lbs and has fairly thick legs abs a bit of a belly these days. I was trucking to find a good swimming diaper and this was perfect for us. Worth every Penny in my opinion.

Buy ??
Posted Jul 28th 2023 by MJ Hoevker

My daughter is about to turn two, but she's a tall girl with thiiiiighs. She's around 3 feet tall (probably taller now), close to 50 pounds, and barely fits the 6t swim diapers. I had signed her up for a swim class, and needed something for her to use since we're in the process of potty training (size 7 diapers aren't cutting it). I use them for swimming, as a pull up, and around the house for her. She loves the colors, and I love that it'll grow with her. Highly recommend ??

Good for Special Needs/Incontinence Kids
Posted Jul 9th 2023 by MyNameIsPrivate

We have a lot of trouble finding swim options for older children. There are very few products made in the size we needed. I ordered this in size 3 for my 10 year old special needs son who is incontinent. He has a 27 inch waist and they fit very well with the snaps on the side allowing room for growth. We have only used them once, but they held up well with no leakage. The extra thick lining insert pad seems like it should hold up well if he were to have a bowl movement while in the water. Would recommend.

It’s awesome as a swim diaper.
Posted May 3rd 2023 by Zorin Gray

I used this as a swim diaper and it works out beautifully. I’m happy my grandson is very comfortable wearing it. And it’s well made. The only issue I have is the price, much too expensive.

I'd size up
Posted Apr 14th 2023 by Doctor Amazement

Our little monster is 37-38 lbs (that's American eat'in) and the smallest size or the chart recommendation was wrong.

Absolutely love love these
Posted Apr 6th 2023 by Jade Ferree

These cloth diapers are exactly what we are looking for when it comes to our toddler. They are soft and durable. Great for transitioning from disposable to reusable. They came a day before expected delivery date which is amazing.

Found difficult to use and not great absorbency
Posted Mar 15th 2023 by Green

I bought this for my child who were potty trained daytime but not for nap and night. I found difficult to put them on to my two years old child. If I clicked all the buttons first to use as a pull on diaper then it snapped while I was helping my child to put them on. So I tried to apply the diaper first then try to snap. This was also difficult because they are not really stretchy. The insert has one snap to attach to a cover but insert often crunch up inside the pocket. Which resulted to leak from side. No way I could use it for overnight since almost all the time it leaks after short nap. So I gave up use for holding wee. I use it for a swim diaper. As a swim diaper it was great!

giant 2 year old approved!
Posted Jan 28th 2023 by wendy

My kid is just a giant. He's not chubby, just giant all over. He's 2 years and wears size 6 clothes, is 52 lb, and was going to need size 8 diapers, which.. don't really exsist. He's working on potty training, but isn't there yet. i was looking for .. something. This IS the something. He can pull them down, but they keep my couch dry at nap time. They keep me sane.

Perfect for older kids!
Posted Jan 1st 2023 by smaldon

My 5 year old is currently potty training and we needed something for bigger/older kids. He has special needs and tends to pee a lot at night, so we wanted something less diaper like but also absorbent enough that we didn't have to constantly change his sheets. This works perfect! It's a little pricey but since they work so well we went ahead and bought several more. We've even used them for long trips over his underwear. Highly recommend!

Good concept but some things are lacking
Posted Nov 5th 2022 by StillWaters

I searched high and low for a pull up style diaper for car rides, naps, and night time only. I chose this brand because they designed it so the insert snaps into the cover part and the cover can be reused several times, making it more economical. After using the training pants though, it seems that they only put one snap on the back part and not the front, so the insert doesn't stay in place as well as I'd thought it would. It also snaps in the back, so it barely provides enough coverage in the front for a boy. I really tried to get the best size for my son who is 2, and based on the measurements I thought I size 2 would be best. It does fit him, but the rise is not very high, so I'm afraid he might have leaks if the insert is not in the exact right spot. I also feel like they are a bit bulky with the insert in, but not thick enough to really do anything without the insert. I think it would have been better to make the inserts a little less bulky and allow the parents to use 2 if needed. I'm not sure why the manufacturer said it is not recommended for night time, but since these are a little bulkier than expected I chose to use them for night time and so far have not had a leak. I am not going to be able to use the snap for the insert though because it is too far back, and I'm not sure how much use we're going to get out of these because the rise is so low. I ended up purchasing a different brand for day time use that is less bulky. The concept of these training pants is really good, but I think they could be improved.

Posted Sep 5th 2022 by Lindsay

These are a life saver for our family! We have a 10 year old daughter with special needs. These works amazing when we go swimming, in our out door swimming pool!

These are the best!
Posted Jul 30th 2022 by Monica

If you have a child with special needs and can’t find a swim diaper big enough to fit them, these are it. I was skeptical about first but omg I love it. They absorb and they stay on, they don’t slide down. They are comfy and don’t give a rash. My son has big thighs and a big butt and they fit great. Don’t hesitate to buy.

Not battle tested (yet)
Posted Jul 22nd 2022 by Tribunal

This review is in the context of using it only as a swim diaper for a neurodivergent 5yo. We never got the timing right for my son to test the actual... containment capability but I do think it would have been fine. It fits really well with the size adjustments, and it's not as bulky as it might seem at first. My kiddo is on the bigger side for his age (~75 percentile in h and w) and it was a good fit and I feel like it would continue to be usable for a while. Fit under his swim trunks with no problems, even one pair that is a little small now. He seemed fine with wearing it which is a bit of a rarity for new/different clothes, so a + there. He is back and forth on being 100% potty trained for stool, so we might have to be testing them out as potty training pants at school this fall. Fingers crossed ?? we won't, but based on the experience with it as a swim diaper I think it would work pretty smoothly and not be too bulky.

Not great for swimming, unfortunately.
Posted Jul 4th 2022 by DiannaW

It’s really well-made and the material is nice. BUT I bought this for my 9 year old child who isn’t toilet trained yet due to special needs (cerebral palsy, but he is actually able to be quite mobile but is just not always able to make it to the bathroom in time; he doesn’t go in the pool, but may not make the walk over or get things down quickly enough… this is an issue because while he loves swimming, it definitely helps his bowels move). He’s outgrown swim diapers you can buy in stores and there’s a gap between toddler and adult swim diapers. I was hoping these could fulfill his needs, but it fell short as it still has a very absorbent layer that you cannot remove (there is another removable pad). This one is sewn in and it retained a lot of water compared to disposables like Huggies or Pampers. It was uncomfortable and a bit embarrassing for him. I really liked the buttons so the fit could be changed or easy on and off without pulling things down around his legs, but for an older child with a decent range of mobility, it just isn’t as good. I’m still searching for the perfect thing for a 60 lb, 4 foot tall kiddo.

Satisfied with use as swim diaper.
Posted Jul 1st 2022 by DPrest

Using as swim diaper for 7 year old grandchild who loves water but is not able to learn potty training. Have not used as trying pants yet. Very satisfied with comfort level for child with autism who loves water but is growing past disposable swim diapers. Security for me too in case child does his business during his many hours enjoying his "splashy" time in the big pool and wading pool. Love ease to put on, take off with easy adjustable snaps to get right fit.

I'm so grateful to find a larger swim diaper!
Posted Jun 26th 2022 by M. Spackman

Finding a larger diaper for my special needs kid was really hard! I'm so grateful that this one was available. The snaps make it adjustable and it looks fine in the smaller setting. My son was delighted with the balloon pattern and the red side.

Fun design and awesome for bigger kids but does rub a little
Posted Jun 16th 2022 by Megzy

I love that it fits my toddler who is the size of a 5 yo. However bc of the way the crotch folds when snapped it chafes his thighs. Also bc it's a 3 in 1, when used as a swim diaper if they poop in it, it gets everywhere in the diaper. So cleaning is a little harder than a normal dedicated swim diaper. I like it a lot, but wish dedicated swim diapers came in larger sizes for those 99 percentile kids like mine.

This is a must!
Posted Jun 10th 2022 by shannon schumaker

My son is disabled and big guy at 6 years old. He is 76 pounds and none of the swim diapers work on him. This diaper is adjustable for little kids and also expands for larger and husky kids. I love how absorbent it is and easy to use. If you have a kid who has sensory issues this is also a must. The material is super soft and it also looks like swim briefs so it doesn’t look like a swim diaper. It is really soft and doesn’t cause any chaffing. My son is really comfortable and never seems bothered by the diaper.

Excellent Product
Posted Jun 8th 2022 by TJ

This product gave my 9 year old daughter and I peace of mind while she is dealing with some incontinence struggles caused by some medical issues. Hopefully it won't be long term, but meanwhile these work great. My daughter appreciates that she can get these on by herself. They look excellent and fit well. Under her normal swimsuit they do stick out at the legs and do create bulge to them. However, once we put a pair of board shorts over the top, it was hardly noticeable. No kid is thrilled to have to go back to wearing a diaper, but these are making it manageable and tolerable for our daughter.

Gives Incontinent Child Peace of Mind
Posted Jun 7th 2022 by TJ

Used on my 9 year old daughter when she was dealing with some incontinence issues. We didn't want to keep her out of the pool and she wanted to keep going as well. Almost never soiled, but gave both of us peace of mind. Under her normal one piece, they were very noticeable (stuck out of the bottom and very bulgy). However, with a pair of board shorts over the top, only noticeable if really looking.

Se adapta para niños mayores de 5 años, muy buena calidad
Posted May 18th 2022 by laura

Este producto se va a poder utilizar por al menos 3 o 4 años seguidos, muy buena calidad

Amazing for special needs
Posted Apr 25th 2022 by alexa

Bought this for my sons swim lessons and it fits great with room to grow. He’s incontinent with both bowel and bladder and this has been great for him. He’s 5 and weights 53lbs.

Fits my large 5 year old!
Posted Apr 24th 2022 by C. Raptis

My son is on the spectrum and not yet potty trained. For swim lessons we needed these and they are perfect for the pool. I do not need the insert so I took it out. I would follow the sizes on there as they seem to be accurate. There is wiggle room since there are 4 options as far as how to close the diaper with the snap closure. He does not soil when he is in the water so I'm not sure how much urine or poop it would hold. But it holds a lot of water from the pool so it is very absorbent.

Look no further!
Posted Mar 21st 2022 by Joshua Godi

My 18m daughter is on the 97% on the growth charts. She weighs 30 lbs, and has adorable “soccer legs,” as some would say. Every swim diaper I’ve tried (which is a lot!) is very uncomfortable and leaves marks on her legs from being too tight. I’ve tried several brands, several sizes. This is the first one that actually fits! It is adjustable, so I’m sure it will last a while. It performs just like it’s supposed to in the water. I’m so happy I finally found something she can be comfortable in!

Great for bigger toddlers
Posted Jan 12th 2022 by Vanessa Matuszewski

The print was beautiful, the quality great! But what really sold me was that this was adjustable enough for my toddler who is about 50lbs but has some thunder thighs!!! We ordered size 3 which goes to 60lbs I believe. She is delayed and not potty trained so we needed a swim diaper while we’re traveling out of town. As the normal ones you get in the store are not accommodating to older/heftier or special needs children. This can be used as a swim diaper by removing the absorbing insert. This was perfect and the quality is great!! The price is higher than a Charlie banana but worth it and very nice prints! I will order one more so we have a back up, my daughter loves to swim! These were a life saver! Thank you!

Save our nights
Posted Dec 14th 2021 by Mafiq9

I use it to go over a regular diaper and avoid getting my kid wet… which it was happening a lot but now this have save our nights And I don’t have to wake up to change the diaper

Does what I need it to do.
Posted Nov 29th 2021 by Lisa

I bought these for my 8.5 year old son. He has plenty of growing space in the size 3’s. I would love them more if the snap was removed or was in front as it’s unusable in its current location. I also wish they had no sewn in absorbency; just a thin and a thick insert. The thin alone is not enough but both is too much. Would be great if I could use just the thick insert. Also, being sewn in makes the thin absorbency harder to wash and dry. Overall, I am happy to have a pull on diaper option for my son who is too old for lay down diaper changes.

Muy absorbente y de tamaño perfecto
Posted Nov 7th 2021 by Leilani T. Hartley

Muy buen producto y de un muy buen tamaño

Not comfortable but thick
Posted Sep 2nd 2021 by nzmt

The buttons are hard for kids to put it on. If you put the extra pad in, it will be too thick to wear and not comfortable. But if you leave it out, not sure about the protection.

Great for infant elimination communication!
Posted Aug 14th 2021 by Meghan

I practice elimination communication with my 10 month old, which means she sits on the toilet at least once an hour. She is so squirmy for diaper changes, and I wanted to move to a pull-on style cloth diaper to make things easier in us both. This diaper has a perfect design because it pulls on easily but has a snap option in case we miss a poop! The bamboo inserts make it just as absorbent as a standard cloth diaper.

Handicap children need these for swimming!
Posted Aug 3rd 2021 by rk dunn

The product is perfect for my handicapped son. He is 7 years old and about 55 lbs. we have a pool and my son loves playing in the ocean waves sitting in the surf. The swim pants was actually tight enough to keep out most of the sand. The pants are adjustable which is helpful. Also the snaps are great if your child can’t stand up because you can put it on like a diaper instead of trying the impossible task of pulling the pants up which is very difficult for children who can’t stand up. What I didn’t like was the fact that I ordered these and waited 7 days to receive it and it was listed as 1 day shipping. 1day shipping does matter if you don’t send it within a week.

It works
Posted Jul 27th 2021 by Chels

Bought for my child for a fun family swim but almost didn’t fit her. So I had to take a few stars away but besides that it worked no pee in the pool that’s always a win.

Posted Jul 22nd 2021 by Ess


A must buy for special needs children!
Posted Jul 18th 2021 by Danielle T

This reusable diaper was perfect for my 5 year old ASD son for the pool! He is not potty trained yet and it is hard to find ones that fit. This had plenty of room for growth and was comfortable on him. Thank you so much!!!

Life Saver
Posted Jun 23rd 2021 by Amy

3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Training Pants or Swim Diaper has been a lifesaver here. I have a 5-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome who has yet to potty train. I love the convenience of the ability to pull the pants up or down while potty training and the ability to unsnap the sides for messier accidents. This really can hold a lot of liquid without leaking. We have even used them overnights successfully. Swimming is great too, although it does hold water inside the diaper, that is better than having a Code Brown accident. They do have a tendency to be on the bulky side when the insert is in and hard to get over pants. As we are potty training, I will take out the insert and replace it with a small booster pad. There is some absorbency to just the diaper cover alone but don't think that would hold too much. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase and would definitely recommend it to my special needs parents out there to give them a try.

Wonderful alternative to pull ups
Posted Jun 1st 2021 by DM

Really enjoyed these for nighttime when our 2 year old was potty training. He picked up well and we only ended up needing the one. Easy for him to pull down at night and easy to launder like regular cloth diapers. We love the EcoAble brand and have a few of their covers in our stash. They hold up well, are easy to clean, decent price, and are just as pictured.

Cloth diapers
Posted May 16th 2021 by jamie harris

My lo(4) is potty train during the day at night she need the pull up I did the pamper pull up on her for awhile but I just got tired of them ripping them when we r pulling them up so I came cross this I have to issue I use two diaper cloth insert it hold up through the night

True to size
Posted Apr 19th 2021 by Sarah Rowland

These are wonderful! I ordered these as well as a similar product by Grovia and I prefer these. I must not have read the description very well but I was surprised these included an insert. Sizing is true to size.

Amazing Diaper! Fits my big kid like a dream!
Posted Apr 4th 2021 by Neverjustamom

My 4.5 year old ASD boy is in swimming lessons and he has to wear 2 swim diapers. It was a struggle finding any that would fit. This diaper is amazing! My ASD boy is 4.5 and 50lbs. this diaper fits amazing and has plently of room for him to grow!!! If your searching for a special needs swim diaper look no further!!

This product is good for toddlers who need larger sizes.
Posted Feb 24th 2021 by Deborah R.

My grandson is 3 years old, wears a size 5-6, not potty trained and about to start swimming lessons. This was the only waterproof underpant for swimming I could find for him in his size. It fits him nicely and has room to expand so it may last through the summer.

Fit my 54 pound 2 year old!
Posted Feb 20th 2021 by Customer

I like that this reusable diaper fits my 2 year old 54 pound baby. And if she continues to grow it will still fit her. The absorbency of the diaper is amazing I put it on around 9pm and at 9am the next day when we wake up no leaks! The thickness is a little crazy and by that I mean we mainly only use these at night since my baby looks like a sumo wrestler with these on. They are soooo thick and bulky hence the absorbency! The stretch on these is great since like stated above she will still have room if she gets bigger. The only thing I don’t like is if I don’t wash these immediately the smell of the diaper is so strong! Like I have to be washing these daily since I can’t stand the pee smell.

Comfy and soft
Posted Dec 7th 2020 by Joliepoupe

So far my son love it if he like them I like it the material feel soft the and the color is nice he wears it for a couple nights so far no mistake happen yet

Great Pull Up Alternative
Posted Nov 11th 2020 by Sarah

I was searching for a pull up alternative that my 4 year old could use for bedwetting. It is hard to find a cloth option that is pull up style that he can put on himself. I also tried one from Happy Endings and these ones work much better. They are bulky so be prepared for your child to have a big bum under their jammies. But they work well and I would say they contain his urine 85% of the time. He's not typically a super heavy bed wetter so a heavy bed wetter may require additional inserts. He also sleeps on a waterproof pad so that if they do leak I don't have to wash all his sheets. For the first couple months I just washed them with a normal load of laundry and after a couple of months boy did they start to stink!! Then I learned that there's a washing process for cloth diapers. I followed the instructions on the ecoable website for stripping and sanitizing the diapers and started following their suggested washing routine. It worked wonders!! Sure they don't smell pleasant when you stink you nose in it but before they were stinking up the whole room. The recommended wash routine is a little bit of effort and extra work, but totally worth it. So glad I found a way to keep pull ups out of the landfill!

They Smell Horrible Eve After Washing
Posted Oct 18th 2020 by R. Reimler

They protect the bedding at night but after a couple of washings they smell like urine and I haven't figured out how to get the smell washed out others that have tried these say the same thing about them now and they are way to expensive for this problem. I was trying to save the environment by getting rid of disposable night time diapers but sorry I'm back to them

Great alternative to disposable pull ups
Posted Sep 25th 2020 by K

My 4 year old uses these as a bedtime pull up. I love that it's stretchy in the front and back so he can take it on or off. It's very adjustable. He has a lot of growing room, which is good because boys tend to wet the bed for a while. He has the polar bear one and the dinosaur one. I also love how these come with an insert. It's pretty absorbent, but you might need a flour sack towel or prefold or something as well if your kid pees a lot. The pocket makes it possible for you to have as much or as little padding as you need. Ours has only leaked once, so I haven't bothered adding anything extra. Also, if you don't use the insert you can use it as day time potty training underwear or swim diaper. There is a tiny bit of padding sewn in like you would expect with training pants. I'm pretty happy with these. They look different enough from a cloth diaper that my son has no qualms about wearing them.

Functional, look great and wash well!
Posted Aug 30th 2020 by Godsawesome

Excellent; we use for “overnight/just in case” panties.

Rise snaps don't stay snapped when pulling up diaper
Posted Aug 3rd 2020 by Jason and Faith

Don't work well as a pull up. I snap the rise snaps to the correct setting but when my son pulls up the diaper, the rise sanps aren't tight enough that they come unsnapped immediately. That caused it to leak terribly the first time we used it, because the rise snaps came un-done and the fit was no longer proper on him and he leaked out the legs.

Muy buenos
Posted Jul 27th 2020 by maura

Bonitos y practicos , faciles de lavar

Great quality, but didn’t work for nighttime pull up
Posted Jul 15th 2020 by B Lewis

Ordered this for my 6 year old son to wear at night since he still sets the bed nightly. The quality of the product seems great, but he wore it one night & majorly leaked through, so we haven’t tried it again since. He’s back to just wearing disposable night time pull ups. We’ll save this one to try with our youngest when he starts potty training. It may have worked better for our 6 year old if we had added extra inserts for more absorbency, but we didn’t have any extras on hand.

Not bad, but not great
Posted Jun 28th 2020 by Tyler K.

I bought the size 3 diaper for my tall/thin 44lbs autistic five year old. The diaper fit him with a few snaps to make it smaller and tighter. It was very very bulky however. I have heard that this is common with cloth diapers, but this was our first time using a cloth diaper. My son didn’t love them and refused to wear pants over them due to the bulkiness. He also waddled a bit in them due to this as well. When it came to absorbency it was fine, I wasn’t pleased or displeased with it. The pee stayed in the diaper which is obviously the purpose, however if you are looking at these for kids who have big accidents or no bladder control, just know that the pad will not absorb the pee and keep the diaper dry. My sons large amount of pee soaked the pad and then leaked through to the diaper underneath, meaning this diaper was good for one use then needed to be washed. When he pooped in it, we had a similar experience. The poop stayed in the diaper, but got all over the pad and the inside sides of the actual diaper near the leg holes. So again, good for just the one use then it required washing. I was hoping this would be the solution to my son Beginning to outgrow his pull-ups, but for the cost per-diaper and lack of comfort my son expressed, I don’t think we’ll make this a permanent switch.

Posted May 3rd 2020 by Melvin

A little bulky, but very satisfied with quality!

worth the money
Posted Apr 29th 2020 by scott mickelsen

We've had a couple of night where pee has leaked through and into the bed but overall this has been much better than having to wash bedding constantly

Posted Apr 24th 2020 by Cyndi Kimball

I especially liked the variety of patterns to choose from. Seems like its comfy and hoping its durable - we haven't used it much. Comes with an insert pad - which many I looked at don't seem to.

Posted Apr 4th 2020 by Cassie

Works awesome Iv been looking for something to put over my sons night time pull up and this works great have not woke up to a wet bed

Great fitting swim diaper
Posted Mar 2nd 2020 by Michael

This swim diaper I perfect for our 7 year old with special needs. One of the best features are the adjustment snaps.

Great for disabled kids
Posted Feb 23rd 2020 by Crystal Gallagher

Perfect for my 5yo

Good fit
Posted Dec 23rd 2019 by ky24

-awesome adjustable fit -easy to wash -take a long time to dry (I don’t want to damage the pul or elastic so I turn theM inside out and air dry them) My daughter is 6 years old and 46 l s and had outgrown the medium “happy endings” cloth pull ups and the larges were always out of stock so we decided to try these. She really likes the fit and I like that they aren’t as bulky as some others and there isn’t just elastic on the sides. I removed the snap in insert and stuff them with prefolds instead. I’m not sure that would be a very good idea if she were still wetting every night though because she has leaked out the sides often when she has had an accident (she miraculously stopped peeing the bed after I ordered these And I took out the bamboo pad so I can’t attest to how well they hold the mess, just that they fit well and make a good back up). She likes wearing them and has continued to do so without complaint even without any accidents.

Great Product
Posted Nov 25th 2019 by Stanislas Tebid A.M

I dont regret buying this products. It has saved me money and my mattress

Great product
Posted Sep 6th 2019 by COURTNEY

Great product for my 6 year. Old asd child love tje adjustable size

Love the design and the fit!
Posted Aug 29th 2019 by Customer

I bought this for my almost five year old son who has cerebral palsy. He outgrew disposable swim diapers and this is perfect. It's easy to wash and it stays on. He seems really comfy in it. Totally will buy again.

True to size as long as baby legs are chunky
Posted Aug 11th 2019 by Nicolina Tiso

My son is 4 months and already 16 pounds. When I purchased he had just weighed in at 15 pounds with chunky thighs. These are true to size I think for chunky leg babies but probably not if you have a long skinny baby.

Strange fit
Posted Jul 23rd 2019 by Ayla

The diaper itself is great quality and super cute. It does it's job. My daughter is 48lbs and it doesn't fit nice. The butt is super bulky (without the insert), pops out of her swimsuit enough to really embarrass her (not discreet) I cannot even imagine getting her dressed with a liner in, uncomfortable fit through her thighs and we have very little room to grow in the waist. I am going to attempt modifications because it is such a good quality product.

Awesome product
Posted Jun 12th 2019 by Jennifer Allen

This is awesome for our special needs child who is 10. Want to order more but they are not available!

Good value
Posted Jun 1st 2019 by GypsyGal07

The few weeks we have used them noticed some pilling after machine dried, but have to dry more than one cycle or still wet next day if line dried. Soak up most of the overnight wet for my child. So glad we ordered extra as my belly sleep wets beyond even with extra insert at his belly.

It does the job.
Posted May 12th 2019 by Customer

My handicapped granddaughter outgrew swimmies. I didn't know what to do until I found these. They work great. Easily washable.

Sore spot
Posted Apr 25th 2019 by Anya

I think the diaper is great and it does not smell at night which is wonderful however it made bruising on my daughters hips from the snaps so I’m waiting for the bruises to go away to see if I make it a larger size if it will bruise again. Otherwise I hope I still have time to return it.

Perfect fit
Posted Apr 2nd 2019 by Jakob

It does the job and doesn’t give my daughter a rash. Would order again in the future!

Some leaks but good product
Posted Jan 30th 2019 by Esther C

I like this product, my son is confortable with this. Sometimes has a leaks of pee but you will no produce trash.

Comfy and Adjustable
Posted Dec 2nd 2018 by jjvogt

Works so well for my 6yo son (ASD/ADHD)

Good quality and not bulky
Posted Sep 12th 2018 by Twodogsandaboy

This is perfect to use as a diaper until your little one is potty trained and then use it for training pants! The fit is perfect and the prints they use are adorable. This is very good quality and not bulky on my 8 month old but seems like it'll fit for a while. I use flip disposable inserts inside.

Awesome print and great product
Posted Jul 21st 2018 by JS+PGO

Quick delivery, nicely packaged. The product has yet to be used but it seems very well made and very durable. Super soft and seems like it’ll do the job without filling landfills. Should have made this purchase a long time ago. Thank you for making these and giving us options!!

Fantastic swim diaper option
Posted Jul 17th 2018 by Jenn

I researched a lot of options for swim diapers and hated the idea of needing to use a disposable swim diaper in any way. This diaper was perfect for our 9 year old daughter for our beach vacation. The design makes it even look like a bathing suit bottom so I didn’t feel the need to put shorts on overtop! She was so comfortable (from what I could tell). And it worked very well. I love that I can also use them as reusable diapers if need be. Love it and will be getting more next year when she most likely needs a bigger size.

Great for older special needs kids.
Posted Jul 9th 2018 by Nayadee Wilson

This diaper works great. I got one for my special needs 6yr old for swimming, and I can adjust it to be tighter or looser so it's perfect. No leaks if an accident happens, and fits well under bathing suits.

Best one i found for training pants
Posted Jul 6th 2018 by Nicole

I have been looking for a pull up type cloth for my daughter to use at night time and this great was not sure what size to get her so i got a size 2 and 3 and the 2 fits her the best on the largest side snap and the rise down 1 she is 5 and 34 lbs planning on getting a couple of more in the next few weeks

Best diaper and trainer I've tried
Posted Jun 17th 2018 by J. Churchill

These are the most amazing diaper/trainers I have ever tried! The medium size fits my 35lbs 5 year old on the medium setting. He has a lot of growing room but they are a perfect fit now, too. With the included insert these last overnight. The prints are cute and the company's customer service is outstanding. I cannot rave about them enough! Good price, too. I have tried almost every brand out there in the last 10 years and nothing else can compare. If I have another child I'm going to be getting lots more of these.

Pretty good for the price
Posted Jun 6th 2018 by Sarah

Nice for the price point. They hold a decent amount of liquid with the incert in use. If there is a bit of extra space when on they can be used like underwear/pull ups when it's potty time. They only down side I've noticed so far is that the area around the hips can leak a bit if your kid is a side sleeper and they go alot at night.

Posted Apr 23rd 2018 by Monica Zhovklyy

This is an amazing diaper! I found these while searching for a swim diaper for my 3yr old that is straight out terrified to use the toilet. He is a very BIG 3yr old and I was unable to find any swim diaper that would fit him until I found Ecoable! This particular diaper is awesome and so versatile. I have only used it for swimming so far but I can use it with either my very BIG 3 yr old or my average sized 2 yr old since they are so adjustable which is a huge plus. It will grow with your child and definitely be a great investment!!! Swim diapers are so expensive but I will never buy a pack again :) I also bought the size up youth diaper for my 3yr old since I wasn't sure if it would fit. It works for him but not as great as this style. They definitely hold in the water which can pool while swimming but I think it's really going to come in handy for really giving potty training a go again. 2 big thumbs up for both products and saving money!

Five Stars
Posted Mar 24th 2018 by Melissa

Fits perfectly on my 20 Month old. Looks just what's advertised.

Most Versatile Diaper Ever!
Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Jessica

This diaper is absolutely amazing! Coming from a cloth diapering Mom of 5 who runs a cloth diapering YouTube channel, this is one of the best cloth diapers on the market! I've used this diaper on both my babies and it's an excellent swim diaper, it's contained messes while swimming for both of my babies. It also comes with a snap in insert so you can use it as a regular diaper and it works great! Even my heavy wetting toddler can wear it for serveral hours, no problem. Lastly, it can be used for potty training with or without the insert. It has an athletic mesh lining inside that allows your toddler to feel the wetness to assist with potty training, or to wear in hot climates to keep your baby cool. The side snaps make it easy for toddlers to pull the diaper up and then you can also unsnap it to deal with accidents. If you're looking for a cloth diaper, a swim diaper, or a potty trainer, I HIGHLY recommend this diaper because you'll get the most bang for your buck because you'll get all 3 in 1!!

Liners are super absorbent which is great bc he was often wetting ...
Posted Feb 9th 2018 by shanchase

My son is 2 and chubby 33 ish pounds. Starting potty training wanted a dipe he can pull in at daycare. Liners are super absorbent which is great bc he was often wetting through his bum geniuses. They are roomy he is still on middle snap so I hope they will last until all potty trained. We haven’t done much pulling up but they seem like that will be easy enough for him if I leave tummy snaps on a loose setting. I air dry covers they do take a bit longer than bum genius but no big deal. Been using them a month. Am worried about them lasting the year as they came with loose threads. Loose threads don’t seem structural but still can’t give that. 5 state review. We will see... for now I really really like them! I searched a lot too happy so far with purchase

Would totally recommend
Posted Oct 20th 2017 by SmashPeaches7

I ran across this training pant when I was searching for cloth training pants with cars on them for my 2.5 year old son. My son always asks for his regular cloth diaper with the cars on it so I knew I had to replace that one with a pair that had cars on it as well. I am so happy that it has the ability to add an extra liner under the one that is sewn in since we're at the beginning stages of potty training. Also, the liner it comes with is super absorbent so that's great. I hang dry my diapers and liners and it's not as slow at drying as my bumgenius liners but a little slower at drying than my charcoal bamboo liners. The diaper dries super fast though. My son is 32 lbs and skinny and he is on the tightest buttons on size 2 so he isn't out growing them any time soon. We both love it and I'll be getting more!

Love these versatile cloth diapers!
Posted Sep 27th 2017 by Selina Rosario

I was searching high and low for training pants for my potty training tot. I wanted training pants that held small accidents but would allow her to feel wet and also had snaps for those dreadful poop accidents for easier clean up. I kept passing these up because I wasn't sure if the size would fit her as it says the size 2 fits 15-35lbs. I was pleasantly surprised when putting them on her and realized how much room she actually had to grow into them. My toddler is pretty tall and slim weighing around 32lbs-hence my hesitation in purchasing these. I am so happy I decided to order them! Just what we were looking for and really holds up for car rides or outings! In addition I should mention these also have a very comfortable stretchy waistline. I would recommend these for anyone who is potty training and searching for an "outing training pants" or have carpeted floors. The prints are just the cherry on top! We love them!

Leakproof, but synthetics don't clean well
Posted Mar 14th 2017 by Teresa Glasgow

I've cloth diapers both of my boys and was anxious to try these. They do hold well overnight for a daytime potty trained child, however, the sewn in insert is starting to permanently hold smell even after washing, after maybe 10 uses. I'm fairly disappointed by this as I was happy with performance, especially overnight. I'll try a new detergent and see if that helps.

Nice cloth diaper for early training
Posted Feb 23rd 2017 by Mommy

Works well, very absorbent for a diaper. I like the ability to adjutthe fit as he grows. Difficult to pull down for a child on their own. I recommend for early potty training.

Five Stars
Posted Jan 22nd 2017 by Customer

Amazing will buy again

Nice item and a good price.
Posted Aug 12th 2016 by Kshaffer

I really like these and would recommend them for heavy wetting potty trainers. Very impressed with the the hemp insert and the fit of this Diaper/trainer. I bought it in a larger for my 20 month old boy who weighs 25lbs and I needed to keep it on the smallest size setting. My only complaint was that the mesh material on the inside allows the elastic in the legs to touch bare skin through the holes in the material and it irritated my sons legs when it was hot outside.

Five Stars
Posted Jul 11th 2016 by Jessica gilbreaith

Love this diaper. Going to be ordering lots more.

These are great diapers. Keeps my little guy dry and the ...
Posted Jun 26th 2016 by Marcia Turner

These are great diapers. Keeps my little guy dry and the fit is great. Trimmer style than my usual Fuzzibunz. I haven't used as a swim diaper yet but I think it will work great.

3 Diapers in One - diaper, swim, trainer!
Posted Apr 17th 2016 by Amber M.

This diaper is pretty awesome. It's lined with athletic wicking jersey so it will help keep my daughter dry if we use this as a pocket, it helps the diaper be stretchy (suede cloth lined diapers aren't as stretchy), and it will dry fast as a swim diaper. The sewn in soaker is small enough to catch an accident on the way to the pool, or not sag the diaper down when used as a swim diaper. I can see this being a great pull up/down training diaper too because of the side snaps, which create a cute flat front when fastened. Oh and it comes with a hemp insert. Time will tell how it holds up to washing- I'll have to update. But for now this is pretty great! I got a medium for use as a swim diaper. It still fits great with the insert. I ordered a large as well to see the size difference and it's too big without the insert, but perfect with it. In fact I'm using it today as an AI2 with a Grovia soaker. Fits perfect so I'll order more large and use the medium for swimming (and still as a diaper too)

Love it
Posted Feb 22nd 2016 by Aya

I have been using bumgenius pocket diapers, and I was looking for something more useful cloth diaper/pull up. I love this diaper! Also fit to my one yr old baby.

Nice trim fit
Posted Jan 19th 2016 by JJ

We've been cloth diapering for a year now and I've got to say I really like this diaper. We ordered a medium for our slender one-year-old that weighs 20 pounds. The diaper is very trim and fits well around his legs without leaking. I would consider this diaper an all-in-one hybrid because there's a built in bamboo soaker and you still have the option of stuffing the pocket with an additional soaker/insert. The diaper comes with an additional soaker that is a hemp/bamboo blend. If your child is not a heavy wetter, then you can get away without using the additional soaker. I really like that the interior of the diapers is made from a polyester mesh instead of the typical microfleece. I just feel like the mesh would be more comfortable in hot weather. I also think it stays dry a little better in comparison to the micro fleece. The outside/shell has a couple of riser snaps. This means you can adjust the length of the diaper to custom fit your child. The hip snaps are new to me, but I found them easy to work with. There's also elastic on the front and back of the Diaper to make it easy for a potty training child to pull them up and down. Overall I'm a new fan of this diaper and I'm so happy I got the chance to review the diaper at a discount in exchange for an honest review. Like you, I rely on honest reviews when making a purchase. Nothing I have said in this review is fabricated and I only accept products I can truly use.

The fit around her thighs were perfect and the hemp insert really did the trick
Posted Jan 14th 2016 by Heather Sears Photography

This diaper really surprised me. My 4 month old is constantly wetting thru her cloth diapers, but not this one. The fit around her thighs were perfect and the hemp insert really did the trick. If you are not used to side snaps, that can be a bit different, but that isn't a negative here. The colors in the print are surprisingly vibrant and absolutely adorable. Overall, diaper seems very well made and is very trim. Snaps were all great and easy to snap. I would definitely recommend this diaper. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

Love the print and no leakage with overnight use
Posted Jan 12th 2016 by christian pryer

I have to start out by saying how much I love this print, it is so vibrant and cute. This is my first diaper with the hemp insert, usually I throw a hemp washcloth next to her skin at night to prevent leakage with my microfiber diapers. This diaper was a little more fitted amd trim than my others and surprisingly fit my chunky 22 lb 8 month old really well. Last night I put the diaper on her before bed at 845 and she woke up at 8 am with ought any leakage whatsoever! The way it buttons is a little strange to me due to my experience with my other diapers ( instead of the back coming around to wrap and button on the front it is the opposite) but it just took a couple seconds to get used to. I have found that hemp inserts are the way to go and I will definitely recommend these to others! I see a repeat purchase in my future. I have received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years
EcoAble 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - Reusable Training Pants or Reusable Swim Diaper, Baby to 10 Years