How to strip cloth diapers

How to Strip Cloth Diapers

With proper wash routine and good detergent you may not have to strip cloth diapers at all. On some occasions you should strip cloth diapers:

  • When your cloth diapers are repelling
  • Cloth diapers have been washed with incompatible detergent
  • Cloth diapers have been washed in untreated hard water for prolonged time
  • You bought your cloth diapers used (we recommend to sanitize used cloth diapers first and if there are no issues, you can skip stripping process)

It’s a good idea to sanitize cloth diapers after stripping. You can find instructions here: How to Sanitize Cloth Diapers without Bleach

Instructions How to Strip Cloth Diapers

STEP 1: Start with clean diapers (straight out of the washer is fine)

STEP 2: Fill bathtub, large container or top-loading washing machine ½ full with hot water

STEP 3: Dissolve stripping solution in the water (see suggestions below)

STEP 4: Soak all items for at least 4-6 hours, but no more than 8 hours; stir occasionally for better results

STEP 5: Drain water, squeeze excess water from all items and complete with water only wash cycle in the washing machine

Cloth Diaper Stripping Solutions

RLR Laundry Treatment – use 1 packet per stripping session (also sold on Amazon)

RLR Laundry Treatment


DIY Stripping Solution

For 1 stripping session you would need:

3 Tablespoons – Washing Soda
3 Tablespoons – Borax
3 Tablespoons – Calgon


These ingredients can be found in Walmart laundry aisle. If you are unable to get all 3 ingredients, you can mix ¼ cup of any two ingredients from the list, or ½ cup of a single ingredient from the DIY recipe. It is recommended to use all 3 ingredients for best results.

All ingredients from the DIY recipe can be used as laundry boosters later on.